What to set 5-gal buckets on?

@Reeferleafer, I need to confess that, I stole ur borrowed the idea from the AutoPot with their Air Dome. The air bucket will allow you to flush and the AutoPot will not, and there more advantages and disadvantages of the bucket. You my want to consider the AutoPot since the price is not that high. But I prefer to build stuff like this. Here are the parts used for the bucket.

The gold disks are AutoPot root control disks. The black bulkhead fittings turned out to be too long to use and had to use the white treaded ells.
Here is how the bottom looks.

I first used a copper line for the air injection, and then changed it to plastic, worried about excessive copper.

The root control disk fit great and works as well. I filled with large perlite to above the air injection line.

If you need more info just tag me.