What to prune and not prune during first couple wKS of flower

I’m not sure what to cut and not cut. Or even what I’m looking for just know that like everyone has said the STRETCH IS for real. There’s a lot of new under growth that’s coming in. Been on 12s for 11 days. Ph soil is 6.5 and using ff nutes and happy frog w the ff marine paralite,coco for soil mix. Using led 2300k - 3500k and I’ve got 5 in a small closet. Only one plant any input would help. Thank you

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I’m curious why you’re considering pruning leaves?

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Trim leaves that shadow bud flower sites on lower branches to help get light .

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I’m thinking about it because it seems as if their taking all the energy and nutes they are growing like crazy and not allowing Lt to the rest of the plant. I could be completely wrong though as well.

Show us a photo to see what you seeing .

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I know this is going to sound very stupid but I’m not to sure which are the bud sites. All mine just look like veg mode other than the health which I hope is normal. Here is some close ups of some one of the tops pretty sure it’s just beginning to bud but correct me if I’m wrong.

That is absolutely correct @boosie21 you can pick and choose the ones you cut to use as clones
Yes you can clone from a flowering female. I did it for five generations of WW
Just don’t cut any fanleaves up top
You can buy CFL 300 fresent lights 60 Watts used 2700 lumes for $20. At Lowe’s or hme deot or. Bulbscom or. 1000bullbs.com. Amazon.coom
And use them for your lower buds I did and it worked out great for my eild

B Safe

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Well I’d like to have as many bud site as possible and I’ve always thought it came from the crotch of the plantable branches. But again I’m unclear on where exactly the buds form.

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The flower is your bud and just look where your flowers are forming is where your bud forms


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I believe you are. I’ve never removed a healthy leave from a marijuana plant in my life.

I understand it’s trendy now and I understand that in certain aspects of scrog growing where some feel it’s advantageous but the leaves are the energy of the plant!

There’s a reason a plant grows as it does. If you take those leaves off you setting your plant back. I would advise you to look into it before you made a decision.

A plant can only grow to its genetic potential. By training a plant you’re putting more time into it, so yes you’ll grow a bigger plant and get a bigger yield but your investment of time will also be larger.

in other words I could grow a plant two or three times over in the time it may take for another grower to fill out a Scrog once, so the yields would be roughly the same

-good luck


@Paranorman you do bring up a good point. And I would have to agree with you all the way around on this one. But if you are going to do a scrog you have to do things you otherwise wouldn’t.
If done correctly…ya its way worth it.



@paranorman This is my first grow and I planted nine seeds from my personal seed bank hoping to get at least 3 plants all in the same container, Rookie mistake. The only 2 that germinated were right next to each other so I have been doing some LST to move the smaller plant out into the light. That being said, I find myself wanting to selectively prune petals from fan leaves that are blocking the stems from getting the most light possible. Will they eventually poke through? There are a few other spots where this is the case. Regardless, if I were to to do this, does this type of pruning have some sort of name?

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Homie, with respect, you shouldn’t be concerned with stems getting light. Photosynthesis occurs in the leaf. If you are running auto, I can’t help. That’s filthy mud blood sistermom’ing it. I do trim fan leaves if they are providing ridiculous shade to a site, or the stem gets slightly yellow and looses rigidity. Put the scissors down. Them leaves are beat. Ha, post is 2 yrs old. Did you get high off it?

Hello Everyone,
This is my first time growing and all I really did was plant the seeds in a planter on a rail, once about ten inches tall transplanted to a pit, and occasionally watered with plant food.
The past couple of days my leaves are yellowing. Initially I was alarmed but have read this is simply the nutrients being diverted to the flowers. I ran to Lowes and purchased Super thrive to add to the water.
You guys are incredibly informed. I have not checked any levels but now after reading feel the need to order that picket microscope to look at the T things being cloudy or amber before I cease watering, right?
My next plant will undoubtedly not be this hands off . . . which comically may be it’s downfall.