What to mix with FFOF to save $?

Hi everyone! I plan to grow 6 plants in 15 gallon pots outdoors this summer and am wondering if there is a less expensive soil I could mix with FFOF to save some money. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance


Can see if a nursery around ur area has a good organic soil.u can buy in bulk and get some peralite to help with drainage possibly but prolly have to do nutes from the start this way hmmm. @Cannabian does outside big azz grows maybe he can throw u a idea


Perlite is cheap and effective for managing soil moisture. I add 10 to 15%, but I have seen people add up to 30% (by volume.) Coco is an inexpensive cut as well.


15 gallon pot is approx. 2 cu ft
3.8 cu ft bag of peat moss is around $18, 2.2 cu ft around $10
may need to add a little dolomite lime to raise ph & buffer. also some gypsum. Perlite too.
I will add peat mix to my raised garden beds along with with bulk compost I buy by the yard at a garden center or local co-op. Like $30 for a cu yard. It is a good thing I have a pick-up truck.


You rang? About soil… you can save a boatload of money by using natural soils. I think there is a big misunderstanding about plants and how they feed. Its alot like a smorgas board … even though there is a ton of food before you, can you eat it all? Nope you cant, and niether can your plant. A well balance natural soil in the correct PH zone will grow pot just fine.
Where to get good soil? That depends, if you live in an area with farms or agriculture, you should be able to find soils by the truckload or by the cubic yard. If the soils contain high clay content they may compact as you water and will need compost added to fluff it up. Perhaps a bit of coarse sand. Soils high in clay are usually very fertile though.
Tell me what kind of soils are in your area? Cannabis is pretty amazing, it prefers a rich loamy soil with high drainage, but it grows fine in just about any soil type if the ph is near 7 or so. In fact there are marker plants in nature that will indicate soil type because nature only grows plants where they will thrive due to competition, one such plant is thistle… anywhere that plant grows is good cannabis dirt.


This. You don’t need to buy bagged soil if you have a good soil supplier.


You can mix 10-15 % compost and be pretty safe but really just do an all coco coir grow bricks are pretty cheap and it’s a favorite for newbies and pros alike for control and anti overwatering

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The OP is asking about outdoor pots.

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I wouldn’t add soil. I think there’s more actual soil in OF than HF, but there’s a lot of other stuff too and it’s pre buffered. You can add innert stuff like perlite for better draining or vermiculite (?) for more water retention.

Our most popular potting soil, Ocean Forest® is a powerhouse blend of aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, earthworm castings, bat guano, fish emulsion, and crab meal.

Aged forest products, sandy loam, and sphagnum peat moss give Ocean Forest® its light, aerated texture. Start with Ocean Forest® and watch your plants come alive!
Honestly a good bag alternative for much cheaper is black gold, usually found cheap locally or 420, would definitely add some perlite to either tho.

Black gold online is 3x more than it is local here. So no point in linking.


Last year I grew outdoors using ProMix, happy frog soil conditioner and perlite in approximately equal proportions. Fairly inexpensive compared to soils.

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Thank you for all the helpful replies. I’ve ordered a couple bricks of coco coir and will use some vermiculite also. Happy growing to everyone!

Are you planning to water with a nutrient solution?

Yes, I’ll use the Fox Farm trio. I’m assuming I will need to start earlier with the nutes and also fertilize more frequently due to the Ocean Forest being diluted? I guess this will be costly too.

Nutrients in bulk last a life time. Don’t know about the FF line. I know the jacks 321 is about the best bang for buck. I’ve definitely used the bergman’s nutes beyond advertised too. And while feeding heavy.

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I can’t emphasize this enough. You should omit the Ocean Forest and just use coco/perlite. You’re setting yourself up for headaches by adding soil to coco.

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Oh really? Won’t it cost me a fortune in nutrients? I’d have to fertilize every time, right?

Do you know of a website where I can purchase Jack’s 321, or is it best to try to find it locally?

Now I’m wondering if I should just use 10 gallon pots and all FFOF with nothing else mixed in. I had such a successful grow outdoors last year in the 15 gallon pot with only FFOF, I hate to change things up but buying that much FFOF is a lot of $. Thanks

Jacks can be found on amazon/eBay/anywhere. And you water everyday in coco yes. But you don’t necessarily use more nutrients. And jacks is great in coco. I would recommend getting the full size. Smaller sizes are just people portioning it out themselves and making a profit off of you.

Those three make jacks.
Even on amazon the part B is super gouged in smaller sizes. $25 for 2.2 lbs or $47 for 25. Atrocious

This $130 worth of jacks will last you longer than you’ll remember how much you paid for it. Even in coco.

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Ok great, thank you!