What to make with sugarleaves after trimming?

Thinking ahead to harvest. What can i do with the sugar leaves and small pieces of bud leftover when i trim?
Hate to discard seeing they are covered in some nice trichromes already.
Smokable or better to make some kind of edible or tea?
Thanks for any suggestions!


Invest in Bubble Bags.
Make quality hash using only ice water.


Buy bubble bags, use the 73 µ bag with dry ice instead of water ice.

Keep in mind though that sugar leaves contain about 20% of the THC present in flower.

You can also make edibles by either an alcohol extraction (QWET) or cooking in a crockpot with butter or coconut oil. Then use in your favorite cookie recipe.

I use an alcohol recovery device designed for cannabis, make oil that is then used to either smoke (dabs) or make budder with. Doing this way eliminates most of the ‘weedy’ taste and smell.


Thanks for the great info.
Never heard of bubble bags but does look promising.
Learning something new everyday.
Thanks again!

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:point_up:t3:These guys know their stuff for doing bubble hash and extractions. They can teach you a lot.
I have a very low tech method to get everything out of my plant.I use a Trim Bin (brand name) when processing my harvests and just collect the kief that falls through the screen into the bottom bin. Some of my plants I will gather over 2 gm kief and just use that for an added booster when needed in my vape.
But for edibles, I will also use the trim left over and do the QWET process that @Myfriendis410 discussed above. I soak my trim in everclear, strain out the solids from the alcohol through a coffee filter set up, and let the alcohol evaporate naturally. there are alcohol recovery systems (again, MyFriendis410 is a great resource for this) in case you do not have ready access to something like everclear. However, since I do, and am low tech as it gets, those are the easiest options for me. :grin:
Good luck!