What to look for when the flowering begins?


I need to know If someone can tell me if my plant has started its flowering stage. I didn’t start a journal with this first time grow, just what I’ve learned is in my head


Is it an autoflower ir a photoperiod plant? Can’t really tell from the picture. I’m going to say not yet. But if it’s not an autoflower ir wont start flowering till you switch it to 12/12


Usually when it begins to flower it will start stretching a lot. It will start developing a lot of white colored hairs if it’s a female at all the nodes.


@Aolelon, not sure seed was from bag
Sour Diesel
It’s female, almost positive. It’s been growing for awhile now. Maybe with a few road blocks in the way…it’s slowed it down a bit. I’m about to change to a bigger light and start some nutes. Not rushing it just want to make sure I have stopped it doing anything. Ty


Chances are it’s not an autoflower then. If you are growing it in doors it will not flower until you make it flower. Are you indoors or outdoors? If you’re indoors what is your lighting schedule? If you want it to flower you need to give the plant a 12/12 schedule. Or at least 12 hours or more of complete, uninterrupted darkness.


I’m only doing 6 off, but I’m not sure how often I should start doing more light off. Ive just been very slowly working those off times. I don’t want to put it in shock. Ty


How old is your plant. And trust me you wont shock it by switching the light schedule. After a few days of 12/12 it will start stretching like crazy and you will be very surprised at how big it gets. My 2 girls grew almost a foot and a half each or more during their stretch.


@Aolelon those girls are nice :sunglasses: ok, so what’s the best food to feed them. Mine is about 16 weeks. I’m guessing, I’ve not kept a journal. I’m learning as I go, really has turned into a hobby now. I’m thinking about starting a new one and get a feminized and try it. Ok Should I or would you recommend getting a good feeding schedule before switching to 12/12? I’m learning I need a bigger light so that’s coming too. How warm can a plant get indoors with plenty circulation and good humity? I’m growing in a garage in a tent. I only have the one plant and I topped a bit early. I have about 5 strong stems on the one plant. Ty all @garrigan65 @Grandaddy013 THIS IS FUN! Learning a lot about what I love to do. Grow stuff :laughing::laughing::seedling::seedling::herb::herb:


Yea I would go ahead and just switch them to 12/12 to get the flowering started. Most people veg their plants 4-6 weeks and then flip. I would start adding a light dosage of High N nutrients for 2 weeks into flower for the stretch and then flip to bloom nutes. Which have a higher PK value. Always start with 1/4-1/3 nutrient strength at first and work your way up. Most people follow a water, water, feed schedule.
Most people keep their plants around 70-80 F around the canopy top. Higher temps you need higher humidity. 40-50% is great for flower. But if you’re running 80F temps you want to be in the 60’s.


@Aolelon and @Jamie1234

Now That’s sound advice…