What to grow next time


So this year I grew Banana Kush and Black Widow and some bag seed weed and did really well The Banana Kush was a “Huge” success. Everyone loves the smell and taste as well as the great buzz.
The Black Widow turned out really good also. Being my first grow by myself sence the 70s/ early 80s I wanted something easy to grow with high thc content.
My next grow I want to try something different besides the BK & BW I want High yield high thc relatively easy to grow outside. I’m thinking gorilla glue and one other I can’t make up my mind on. Any suggestions. @raustin @fano_man @Hogmaster I know there are others I have not tagged just can’t remember names all that well


Sativa or indica?


Not sure I haven’t given that much thought


Iv got blue dream,gorilla glue and mk ultra all growing outside at the moment , the mk ultra is doing the best out of the three, blue dream second then the gg, but it’s all down to the climate and grower :+1:t4:


You must be on the other side of the planet from me it 25 degrees outside my house


suggest you access the seed selection app on this site.
check off your interests and find the strains that match up.


Did that that’s how I ended up with Banana Kush and Black Widow this last time


From what I hear LSD is a great strain for begginers. Easy to grow, good yields, high thc. Green Crack is another great yeilder.