What to grow next time

So this year I grew Banana Kush and Black Widow and some bag seed weed and did really well The Banana Kush was a “Huge” success. Everyone loves the smell and taste as well as the great buzz.
The Black Widow turned out really good also. Being my first grow by myself sence the 70s/ early 80s I wanted something easy to grow with high thc content.
My next grow I want to try something different besides the BK & BW I want High yield high thc relatively easy to grow outside. I’m thinking gorilla glue and one other I can’t make up my mind on. Any suggestions. @raustin @fano_man @Hogmaster I know there are others I have not tagged just can’t remember names all that well

Sativa or indica?

Not sure I haven’t given that much thought

Iv got blue dream,gorilla glue and mk ultra all growing outside at the moment , the mk ultra is doing the best out of the three, blue dream second then the gg, but it’s all down to the climate and grower :+1:t4:

You must be on the other side of the planet from me it 25 degrees outside my house

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suggest you access the seed selection app on this site.
check off your interests and find the strains that match up.

Did that that’s how I ended up with Banana Kush and Black Widow this last time

From what I hear LSD is a great strain for begginers. Easy to grow, good yields, high thc. Green Crack is another great yeilder.