What to feed my plants


You rock. Thank you so much U’ve been a big help…

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You’re welcome. Pass it on :wink:

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I have a question, I’ve looked at some of your threads what nice plants you’ve had. What nukes do you use?

I use General Organics Go Box. It’s a full line in one box, base nutrients plus additives, including cal mag, which is necessary with reverse osmosis water. The box is enough for a handful of plants from start to finish. I also use potassium hydrogen carbonate (“TNB Up” brand) for pH up, rarely need pH down, but use lemon juice when I do. And I haven’t yet, but I intent to get something yucca extract-ish to use for flushing/leeching salt buildup. I try to stay totally organic, because I’ve read and heard it’s better for flavor and smells, and I’m kind of a hippy I guess.

Well maybe another time, to complicated for me, Im raising more kids, so fox farm will do for now. Less time consuming. But thank you…I’m gonna go get some fox farm and if I’m starting from first week it’s gonna get too big. I don’t live in a state where it’s legalized, I have to keep them in the tent. Wish I could put them outside. Also is I don’t know how many females I have until I go to 12/12. Btw hippie is a good way to b. That ol school and that’s a good thing!

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I understand. If you make a grow journal, tag me into it. I’d like to follow along. :v:

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I opened the front of tent its too hot in there, my stems on top of plant are a purple color and leaves are twisting a little.tomorrow I’m going to pull the Three small ones out and put them under lights in corner in my room. So the other three have room. I ordered a exhaust fan and I just have to get some ducting to keep down temperature…is it lacking something. Humidity is about 70 I thought maybe they are getting to hot!


Once you put an exhaust fan in there it’ll cool down quickly, and it should bring the humidity very close if not identical to the room the tent is in. They look okay to me though.

Out of the three big ones two are grape kush and one is bubblegum. I looked them up and the grape has people colored stems so maybe it’s normal. Exhaust fan should b here in a couple of days. This is the hottest time of the year here until like the end of September then it cools down a little it don’t get chilly til January. So they are probably hot. So I opened the top of the tent some to get it some fresh air in there. I panicked. Thanks!

Purple stems could indicate a problem, but most likely it’s just from stress, the topping maybe, or temperature/humidity. Or, yes, it could be in the strain’s genetics, too. I bet they’ll perk/green right up once the exhaust is installed. The fresh air/CO2 the fan will draw in will be helpful as well.

I.have two six inch fans in there one couple inches over plants and one in the top circulating air…I open tent during light time to get some of hot air out and fresh air in. I’m trying to drop temp in there and it seems to b working…they really don’t smell much right now, I’ll get a filter later…

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@elheffe702 I took the three smaller plants out. Watered them and just put them under light in my room. But is this heat stress

@elheffe702 I put them back in not enough light out of tent and how do I get humidity up. It’s only 35? I put a exhaust fan in the top and I have to fans inside, I have the window prepped up on bottom to let some cool air in there.

Are those CFLs all you’re using for lights? You definitely want to get more light on them, they’re stretching for the light. You can add more CFLs if you have them. And it does look like they got a little hot, maybe even a little overwatered, too. Make sure you let the soil dry out at least a couple knuckles deep before watering.

Increasing airflow, in from the bottom and out the top, will help match the humidity and temperature of the tent with the room it is in. Your lights are always going to make it warmer, obviously, so it’s a balancing act sometimes. A speed controller for your exhaust, and even adjusting the intake fan can help control the environment in the tent. You might need to add a humidifier to the room the tent is in.

@elheffe702 yes they are i have over 15,000 lumens…can I turn off exhaust fan at night. Humidity is 45…and my temp is bout 80

I got humidity up to 50 and temp in tent is 80 that will probably help and I over water all the time. Its either too much or not enough. They are in fabric pots. My ph is 6.9 I kno to high isnt it?

A little bit high, but not too bad. Just adjust for it in your next feeding. But let them dry out first. They handle too little better than too much.

Ok… And thank you for being so patient with me.:wink:

No worries. That’s why we’re all here, to help each other.