What to feed my plants

My plants were planted in ocean forest its been five weeks. Just the the big ones, they are in four gallon containers I don’t know what fox farm product to use. The chart is not any help bc plants got nutes from the get go. I can only let them get another foot bigger cause my tent is only four feet high

ONLY 4’…better top all of them …NOW. and start 12/12 schedule. the plants will at least double in size in the first two weeks of flowering schedule.
Wait any longer and you will have to LST the plants.
A 4’x4’x8’ tent would be best.


As to the nutes…any name brand product will work. Some have two parts nutes, some have three part nutes. Most any brand will work…
BUT…do not follow the feeding schedules. I lost crops until I realized that it was wise to start at 20% of listed nute schedule. Start low and go slow. You can always add more…but…overdose one time and you got crispy brown hay…:scream:

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@tanlover442 I don’t know what topping it means and there are only ten inches high. I have tent in my room, I have roommates. So it couldn’t b real big. It’s 2’x2’x4’ I have three little ones in there that ill pull out and just put them in my room under a light. How much do they grow height wise while flowering. I haven’t done this in a long time and actually hydroponics is easier. I did that like fifteen years ago. I figured I’d use big bloom and tiger bloom when I’m gonna force flowers but can I use big grow now for a couple weeks, and I’ll do it weak. Like less than half twice a week…is that good? I’m waiting to move and I can get a bigger tent. But for now this will do…any help would b appreciated.

I just reread it, boy I’m tired tonite! They will double in size? So maybe I should just start tiger bloom and big bloom or can I use just tiger bloom and can I do the dry trio by fox farm too. The problem is the more I read the more confused I become

topping is cutting main stem just above a leaf node…then the plant grows two stem.

also slows growth, doubles bud sites

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@tanlover442 thank you…is it ok to use just tiger bloom for now? Do I have to use tiger bloom with big bloom or can I just use one?

You should just a little bit of all three I believe. Not sure though, I don’t use ff myself. They should say on bottles how much to feed. I know that since the are vegging, you wanna use grow. And like other guy said, start off at 1/4 or 1/2 strength

@raustin uses the Fox Farm trio. She can get you headed in the right direction there. But your soil is pretty loaded with nutrients. You probably won’t need any veg nutrients, and can start pretty slow with the bloom stuff when they’re ready for it.

I grow in a similar sized space, although it’s a closet, and a freezer, not a tent. If height becomes an issue, and it sounds like it might, you’ll want to top the plant to promote bushy growth rather than height. Also, I count six pots. If that’s in a 2x2, those are 1 gallon? Space is going to run out quickly, both for their roots in those pots, and their foliage above. If you’re not concerned with strains/variety, you’d do better with a single plant, maybe two, and consider a scrog, or “screen of green” to keep the height down.

All that said, they look great! Keep doing what you’re doing.

My journal is here: Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow
I use supercropping, training, topping, as well as a scrog. Have a look and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Welcome to the forum, and happy gardening! :v:

They aren’t 1 gallon they are four gallon. I’ve been trying to get with raustin she has been helping me. But she hasn’t answered me yet. Thanks for info

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@raustin…somebody on my thread says u use fox farm trio…I need some help please! I’ll wait for u to contact me…thank you!

@elheffe702 I topped all three today and watered them good. Put them back in tent. I’m gonna wait til raustin answers me. If not I’ll try to figure out what up feed them.

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Cool :+1: Typically, I’ve heard people start off with about 1/4 strength from what the feeding schedule calls for. Here is the chart:

Hopefully that will get you started. Otherwise, I’m sure there’s others using these nutrients that will reply.

I just scrolled and read that’s already been said, but yeah lol

I have that but where do I start what week my plants are five weeks old.

At the beginning, under “seedling” is where I’d start. That’s a very light dose as is, but you could even do 1.5-2 tsp/gal to start. And just watch the plants. They’ll let you know if they’re hungry or starting to burn.

At least that way its light and not so strong. I know I’m gonna sound like a idiot, but how do I know they are hungry for more food. Do i have to worry about ph? I use purified water.

They will start to yellow at the tips, and maybe look too deep of a green if it’s too much. Too little, and you’ll start to see deficiencies. Have a look at some charts that show what different deficiencies/toxicities look like. And look at some of the grow journals on here, to see what problems others have had. Once you know what you’re looking for, the plants almost talk to you, whether it’s an environmental stress or a feeding issue, or whatever. Also, keep a close eye on the pH. You want to keep it between 6-7, 6.3-6.8 being the sweet spot. If it’s too high or low, it will look like you’re feeding to much or not enough of something, but this is because the plants can’t take certain nutrients in if the root zone’s pH is too high or low.

And you sound nothing like an idiot. Your plants look like you know what’s up.

Missed the part about pH. With purified water, you’ll want to add a little bit of nutrients to the water before attempting to adjust pH.