What to feed my plants when it’s time for nutrients

I’m not ready yet to start giving my plants nutrients. At what age should I start to do so. And what is the best known products on the market to start giving them. I never used nutrients before it’s only been water. No flushing at the end but I want to learn what to give and what not to give them. n

You got this outlaw

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What to use is a decision you’ll have to make. There are a few brands that most growers on here use and a lot of smaller brands others use. My recommendation is Jack’s 321. I switched to it this grow. Simple, cheap, efficient and works well. You could also look at General Hydroponics Flora Trio or one of Advanced Nutrients lines. If you go with the latter two over Jack’s they’re a lot more expensive.

If you’re using pre amended (hot) soil you start adding nutes when the runoff ppm drops below 1000. If you’re in plain soil or coco I’d start adding quarter strength nutes after a week to ten days of plain RO water. You can slowly increase the strength of the nutrients over time. There are different blends to use for veg and flowering but there will be a feed schedule for whatever nutrients you choose.

You’ll definitely need to pick up a pH meter and a ppm/EC meter if you don’t have them already. You can get a cheap ppm meter but don’t skimp on the pH meter.


Well said @Outlaw


Yep. This is the best answer by a long shot


I also agree with using Jacks 321.

I made the switch to Jacks last spring and it’s really a game changer: Easy, Cheap and Effective… and you never need to run a water only flush.

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What medium are you using cause if ur using coco coir ur plants will need nutrients as coco coir doesnt have any nutrients in it but if ur in ffof well then ur right for about three weeks

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Thanks I appreciate the advice

I just went online and found this is this what your talking about.

I’m asking because it says jacks 321 for hydroponic grow


Thats it… Even for coco, soil, etc…

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I’m useing a 50/50 soil coco mix.

Thank you so much.

I only start feeding after I transplant from a solo cup to forever home, AND if they have 2 STRONG nodes (horizontal branching)…+more growth heading Upwards …means they can uptake and use the nutrients…
A gallon mixture of 321 clocks in around 1100/1200ppm…(subtract your raw water number always).
So, Once your transplants have recovered and recieved straight water a few goes(check run off and get a baseline of ppms in soil) usually it’s time to drop in first feeding of 400ppm mixture around them for at least a week (… If your getting a good strong response (take a photo before, and then a week later) then consider where you’re at date wise, and when your considering the flip on the calendar… This is because you’ll want to ramp up to full veg strength 321 at least 1 week before the flip. A touch of npk booster around then (but not needed)…
You mentioned coco/soil mix… Most of us on Jack’s are feeding every single time in soils like yours… In flower, we even tweak The 321mix slightly if the plant shows tendencies to be needy… i do it all the time, and can barely burn them…with jacks, I feed every time, but Always do run off… Makem run out the bottom…you’ll more than likely never have to post here about lockout.
Don’t let your soil dry completely…for the sake of microbes (key contributors to aromas and immunity strength). Every other day is good, just keep poking for dryness… Some hot days, and you’ll be drying faster, and visaversa…
A gallon of 321 full strength watered down to 3 gallons should hit 400ppms for your teenagers. Ramp to 600, and 800, and full strength 1100ppms as your girls see fit… the race between how they take it, and when you want to flip will align…
A lovely symphony

Dont get me wrong, I’ve gone straight to full strength at week 4 veg… But they gotta look STRONG for that. I gave precautionary safety dance guidlines above.


Wow thank you so much I’m going to keep this as a guide

Is this ok to get to test the ph and ph/ec

If this is ok and will do the job let me know

TDS meter will be fine , but I would scratch the two. Look at the apera or blue lab for PH Money well spent. Happy growing :v:


It’ll definitely work for ppm/EC. I didn’t have any luck with that type of pH meter. Some people say they work but require constant calibration. The cheapest pH meter I’d recommend is the Apera pH 20, which happens to be what I use.

If you’re going with Jack’s 321 you’ll need a digital scale. I’d get a .01 scale. It seems like the buying never stops when you’re starting out.

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I have a digital scale. So I’m good on that one. I’ll look into the ph meters that yous recommended me. And thanks guys and Gals.

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Can I order it from Amazon or is there a specific web site I’ll need to get it from

Now on Amazon they don’t sell the jacks 321 batch. But what they do do is sell each back that makes the jacks 321 but they sell them separately jacks 321 is made up of 5-12-26 and 15-0-0 and epsom salts. Now is it ok to buy separately and then put together. Or should I just order it as a package that says 321.