What to expect?

I filled a 5 gallon Smart Pot with Sunshine Mix, poured a gallon and a half of filtered water in it, let it settle and drain overnight, then stuck a Kush seed in the center about half a knuckle down and set it all next to my semi-sunny balcony window.

That was 5 days ago. I haven’t seen anything.

I’m not germinating between damp paper towels in a dark cupboard, like everyone online says to do, because the mountains of Afghanistan, where Kush comes from, isn’t a dark swamp, so that makes no sense.

Still, how much longer do you think before something pops out of that soil? It has no nutes in it. Just some friendly bacteria is all.

It doesn’t matter where the strain comes from. Soak it in a glass of water for 24 hours before planting it. Being that you didn’t soak it first, and put it half a knuckle down (a little deep), I would give it 5 more days.

So true planted after soaking seed waited 5 days and nothing. … like lakewood told be patient low and behold they popped got. Them under light now… just wait planted to deep and didn’t soak

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Sorry Lakewood spelled your name wrong

Dam phone did it again Latewood

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I read soaking can waterlog and rot your seeds and I didn’t want to risk that. Besides it seems the best idea is to try to mimic nature as closely as possible and seeds aren’t naturally presoaked when they fall off their mother plants and hit the ground.
I germinated a plant many years ago and got some good veg on it before something happened to it - I think it fell off a balcony :frowning: I used the same “method” -if you want to call it that- of just chucking a seed into a pot of soil and leaving it in a sunny spot. I just don’t remember how long it took and I’m getting ancy.

You don’t want nutes at this stage, right? You wait til you get a couple sets of leaves?