What to expect when growing an AK-7 plant?

Question from a fellow grower!

I have an AK47 plant

It is planted outside and is a little over 6’

What color are the flowers?

Does the plant have seeds with flowers?

First time growing this plant and am trying to figure maturety

These are the pictures of AK-47

I am a beginner and want to know if there will be flowers and seeds

Not sure what to look for

Appreciate any assistance

Kind regards


Both male and female plants will produce flowers. It’s just that when growing cannabis do you want to be growing female flowers.

She’s a she…

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Male parts…


She looks to be a week or so into flower.
I grew AK indoors. Harvest was between 70 -77 days from flip. So plan on nine more weeks +_. No seeds unless it gets pollinated by a neighbors plant.

AK gets pretty strong smelling in flower. It will be ready end of October. I’ve never personally had much success with it outside, and indoors it’s hard to control the odor. It’s one of my favorite smokes

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