What to expect from my Blueberry autofower?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Hello Party Plant People :grin:
I felt the need to contact you because I have a crazy Blueberry Autoflower…and the grow is just going really differently than expected. It has been flowering for a VERY long time. Like MONTHS (2 1/2?) And it’s a monster plant standing over 5’!! I’ve never done an autoflower before soooooooo I just don’t know what to expect. And I need your wisdom:purple_heart:Here’s the “specs”:

Indoor Grow in 20 gallon bucket organic soil/coco mixture with lots of azomite added

3xs 300w LED Viraspectra lights
1x 300w COBB bulb (not shown)
2xs 45w LED panels on bottom

I keep the room between 72-75**
Usually the humidity is around 40%**

Water/feed as needed

Nectar for the Gods Nutrients
-Medusa’s Magic
-Gaia Mania
-Athena’s Amina’s
-Demeter’s Destiny
-Herculean Harvest
-Zeus Juice

There are lots of single leaves and three leaf bunches. And even some weird swirled looking leaves…?

I don’t know if I should just remain patient or change up what I’m doing or C-h-o-p :scream:

**It has recently gotten very cold here and that has slightly effected temps/humidity. But these have been pretty consistent otherwise. I included a pic of the “recent” readings taken today.

I have a “regular” strawberry plant that is the same exact age right next to this monster. I am turning her into a very healthy and fruitful mother plant. She is looking wonderful and has produced over 50 clones in just a short time. She is only a little over a foot tall because I’m branching her out more of a SCROG style.

I have had so many little issues and so little of the seeds I have ordered have actually stayed alive or sprouted…I need help. I have put so much time, effort, and resources into this grow… and I am just so lost at this point as to how to continue. Thank you for your time:purple_heart:
The monster over 5’ tall 7 lights

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i grew a 5 ft blueberry auto before so no on the chop-chop…
be patient,sounds like your going to have a massive harvest!
could you send pics?
and welcome to ilgm jc
autos are just that they will automaticly flower.


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I don’t see any reason to cut her down. I am surprised that she hasn’t started to flower yet. I almost think maybe you somehow got a feminized seed mislabeled as an auto. You might try switching to a 12 hour light cycle for a couple of weeks and see if she goes into flower.


why is there a light on the bottom they take light from the top of leaf not the bottom of them

but they look fine to me just put the light up top and switch to 12 on 12 off

I think you’re right…I don’t think this is an auto because she has def been sensitive to light…and I thought autos were supposed to flower no matter what your light cycle is…I had them on a 20/4 light schedule. I changed it to 18/6 and the regrowth seems to have chilled out a bit. I just put those little LED panels on the bottom for the pic so there would be more light. But those are the light I use for my clones.