What to do with trimmed leaves from harvest

Any suggestions on what to do with the leaves and trimmings for the harvest?

Dry ice hash


and make butter with the leftovers.

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Or get a set of bubble bags.


Can either do edibles or bubble hash :arrow_right: Rosin

I collect then infuse and de carb in one step in a mason jar in the oven with coconut oil. Super simple and fits my needs

I usually like to dry ice shake and press mine then make butter or oil

I’ve separated mine into 2 groups; outer fan leaves and trim leaves that were trimmed from close to the buds. The trim leaves are full of tricomes and resin and I tried my test batch of trim and it gave an excellent high quality. I simply dried them for a few days until they were crumbly and I ground it up and put it in my pipe.

I thought about making butter with the fan leaves, but can’t smell up my kitchen so I’m interested in some non cooking methods to extract.

After they are dried, I put them in the freezer, then dry sifted to get the kief

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I’ve been around for a,while, but I’m still, learning new terms like kief. What are you using to sift it, how much are you able to collect? I’ll definitely be trying that. Thanks!

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I watched a YouTube video, went to art/craft store and bought a screen printing tray. I don’t remember the exact size, I think 100micron. Or, if money isn’t a property, they have bags. I think @BigDaddyCain has some. All the sticky goodness (trichomes) are covering the leaves. After they are dried, place it in the freezer, this makes them fall off easier. I just reach in the freezer and get a handful. The rest stays in the freezer till I’m ready for another handful. Just watch a few YouTube videos about DRY SIFTING and you’ll be a pro in 15mins

Yes I have the trim bag it is a god send I can trim and save all the trimmings for making butter I like my canna-butter you can use it to make dabs as well I made some have a few weeks ago and it was good but back to bag my last grow was 4 plants and 547 grams bud and 4 1 gal bags of premium trim