What to do with trimmed fan leaves?

I have been putting them in the freezer as I trim to use later in making edibles.
Is this correct?
Thanks for the info.

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Yes, your right. But there isn’t a lot of thc in fan leaves

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they make awesome compost.!!

i throw out the fans and keep the sugar leaf trim that has a much higher percentage of trich’s on them.!!


Thanks for the quick replies.
I have some potting soil left over, should I thaw what I have and toss them in the soil? Or grind them up then mix in the soil>
I thought I read some ware that the trim can be used to cook with?

the trim yes, the fan leaves r kept only by the desperate.!

Great for worm farm food… I would only eat fan leaves if the soil was organic. And or after fully flushed harvest.

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I make hash with mine, Just depends on what you want I guess…hahaha


seconds on the worm food. i only toss diseased leaves all good leaves go in the freezer.

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I use 4 oz of trim per lb of butter makes excellent brownies

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I have quite a collection of Fan leaves( not sugar leaves) and have been wondering if it is worth the effort to make shatter or butter with them? Do you de-carb prior?..Thanks…