What to do with the trim?

Hey! My two plants are finally done, Yippee! And now I’ve been trimming for what seems like a century. Anyone have any links for super easy things you can make with trim? I’m 2 days in and already sick of trimming. And because I probably won’t get to it right away can I put the trim in the fridge or freezer, and how long will it last? Thanks in advance!


Lol. I don’t like to trim at all. You have to get peeps over to help if they want to party with you. I would put the trim in a tight dark glass container and put in fridge.


Keep it in the freezer and it’ll last forever. The 3 most common things are shaking it for kief, making bubble hash or alcohol bho.


Collect the Keif!



I save it up then infuse it into oil or some other medium. I used to dry ice hash it and make rso. The hash is much cleaner for rso production and is a stand alone smoke itself. Infusing has been a more consistant and easier process for me. Just ziploc freezer bag and freeze till ready.


I like smoking the keif like hash. Takes me back, and f’s me up!


I do kief, bubble hash and make coconut oil pills

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Freeze it till you have enough to make Hash with it.


Love it @Audiofreak. I totally agree about the gold sift. The trim bin I got for Christmas totally changed my life.

I will sometimes take a teaspoon and roll it in my palm until it friction melts together into a hash ball. I have done the pucks too. Love it.:scream_cat:

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For hash, your kief should be golden looking not so much on the green side. I usually just trim my plants on a trim tray. Usually do about 4 plants per grow. When your done trimming, gently sift the trim back and forth across the screen. Brush it into a pile and repeat. Continue this process til the kief left behind is minimal. Gather it, put it in a press ( you can get that on Amazon for about 12.00) tighten it down, put it in a toaster oven at 175 for about 15 minutes. Take it out give it 1 last crank and let it cool. Here is my end result.


I go by when it starts smelling like bammer weed it’s done. The sniff test

Yeah I hear you, it still smells good though. It was the beatings or dust trimmings from removing seeds. I really have to grind it up into dust to get all the seeds out. It definitely leaves a greener tint than the trimmings tossed loosely.

How do you get it from a puck to that ball.

Mine seems to be fairly dry and firm after baking in oven at 220 for 20 min. @Autofreak

Careful with the temperature. If it’s to high of a temp you’ll pretty much decarb it. I do mine at 175. Leave it in for 15 min or so, pull it out, crank it a turn or so then put it in the freezer for 10 min, then back in the oven for another 10 min. Then I take it out and while it’s still warm and pliable and roll it into a ball.

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Have a harvest comming soon so i adjust the temp and time. Thanks that looks delicious btw.

Appreciate the tip. We FREAKS have to stick together. LOL when i first chatted with you i thought i was talking to myself untill i looked closer to your handle.

I got 3 autos going now, so I’ll be doing the same. Might try making it by hand this time around. Or maybe try shoe hash.

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Lol. I’ve never done autos. I only do one plant at a time twice a year so i have to grow big fat girls. Need to get enough to last till next harvest LOL. Been able to get what i need.

My current pine forest!

They look beautiful.

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I have to get in there and hang some yoyos to support some of those colas, they are starting to lean.