What to do with the lumber?

Here you go Cannabian…

P.S Where’s a flower update of your beautiful forest?..

I’ve actually been thinking about what to do with all the stems and branches, brew a tea maybe,
this was my wife’s idea…

Clone remains…


Basically anything small made of wood. Make a jenga set, hand made pipe (irony noticed) , cannibus chops sticks, coasters, dream catchers (bud dreams) , magicians staff , Barbie dream house,picture frames

Thats last week… I just pulled a bud off the main cola as it had bud rot in it! Thats 3 small buds in a week or so. Afghan 3 is cloudy and some clear, Afghan 2 and 1 are still pumping out white girl hairs so they are 3 weeks or more away! Its getting close to winter here now as the snow is capping the mountains around here. So I need to get this

Harvested so I can close up the greenhouse!
That image was 3 weeks ago or so, tgey are much further along

Yet not far enough! I need amber as this is a hash maker.


@Enlightened420 tell the wife nice crafting with the stems! Brilliant and beautiful!


Order a dynavape diy kit and make your own here’s mine hand carved and stained I don’t recommend staining tho lol f’d up the taste for a few weeks


@Cannabian happy cannaversary!!! Hope you are happily high my friend!! Stay Safe and Lit My Friend!!:fire::fire::fire::v::v:


Not sure how thick the side walls would be after it hollows out but maybe Jenga blocks? Cannajenga?

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