What to do with shake/trimmings?

I’ve always just thrown out my trimmings but if there is an easy way to extract I would like to start saving them.
I only grow 2-4 plants at a time so I’ll hold onto it for a whole but every article I read online is about what to do with it there is no step by a tep process of how to extract it.

So share your links with me please or your methods, my girl really likes shatter

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You can do an alcohol wash. Just Google it or I have a thread on here somewhere

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I make infused oil. I have a dietary restriction which takes butter out of the picture so I use coconut oil. Put it all in a mason jar together and bake or boil the jar (240 in over 212 if boiling). Usually let it go for 6 hours or so then strain the oil into cheesecloth. After that I make rice crispies with it


You can also make a tincture with everclear. However i use buds & sugar leaves for mine. Or you can make cannabutter.

I started making an infused oil and then a balm. There a number of recipes and you can fool with it a bit. An old slow cooker works great, gets some bee’s wax,coconut oil, some olive oil or grape seed oil, some cheesecloth and I think that’t all I use except the dried leaf. Helps to be a little selective on what you include I think. Toss the big stuff and include the grape leave trimmings is my approach… You can add some Cayenne pepper for pain if you like, just keep it away from your eyes and a touch of lavender, cinnamon or what not. Beginner tip on things to avoid include put the pepper in before you strain it…gritty balm isn’t really what your after. I use it for Duputryn’s in my hands, and for nerve paid in my extremities, my wife for arthritis and the friends who I have gifted swear by it.

You can put it in a glass jar with some butter. Start a pot of water large enough to fit the jar in. Bring to boil and add jar with trim and butter. High simmer for 1.5 to 2 hours to de carb the material. Strain with cheese cloth or coffee filter into container and refrigerate. You cand use oil instead of butter too for all your cooking needs.

My recipe is much the same. Somewhere around 10 grams of dry leaf, bud would no doubt be better, Coconut Oil, approx 1.5 cups, approx 1/3 cup olive oil, be careful with that, a little softer balm in this case is good and an oily one is not. Drop the coconut oil and use butter or just the olive oil and you have your infused oil which can be used for whatever you like. I cook mine slow for about the same, a couple of hours. Strain, and then add the beeswax, 40 grams or so give or take, you are solving for the right consistency and can add more but not take away, scent to your liking, be really modest here with the same “taketh away versus giveth” guidance, let it cool and your done with a topical salve. I’m thinking I want to try the butter now, it seems like a really good extension.

Oh, that stuff’s no good for anything. You should send it to me, and I’ll get rid of it for you! :v:


A few suggestions here but no real instructions aside from @Plutarch and @Rjr568

So far the best I’ve seen is a guy that took a blender, took off the bottom, put a coffee filter then poured ever clear through it onto a plate that was over a steaming pot.
Did that a couple times.
It’s on YouTube.

Wet trim, I put in a paper bag until it’s dry, then into the freezer in a mason jar until I want to use it. Dry trim, it goes straight into the freezer. I’ve used 99% isopropyl alcohol to ‘rinse’ the goodies from it, then evaporate off the alcohol for a nice shatter, or heat it gently as it is evaporating and it’ll be more of a dark oil, like RSO. Or you could make butter or coconut oil for cooking. There are a bunch of different recipes, but you basically decarboxylate your trim (also very easy), and then in some form or another “cook” the butter/oil, some water, and trim together, then strain the plant material away, cool, and then separate the oil/butter layer from the water. All of those can be done with things you probably already have in your kitchen. You could also make hash by sifting, water, dry ice, or even just rubbing it in your hands. It can be extracted using butane, CO2, the list goes on, varying in cost and difficulty and danger. I would just dry/accumulate it while you research all the methods, and see what will be the best compromise of quality, safety, cost, and effort, for your circumstances.

I toss 100-150 grams of crumbled dry trim, a 1/2 cup coconut oil or ghee, and 2 cups of water into a pressure cooker, then cook it for 15 minutes, stir, cook for 15 minutes, stir, and then one final 15 minute cook cycle. Strain it, cool it so the oil rises and solidifies, then drain the water. That will make about 24-30 doses, depending on strain/tolerance. The pressure cooker decarbs.


Decarb your trim then put it in a Mason jar. Add enough ice cold everclear to just cover the material, and put a lid on it. Shake the poopicaca out of it for several minutes. Then freeze it for an hour. Shake it up. Freeze it another hour. Then strain. Allow some fluid to evaporate off over a few days or use gentle heat to speed it up (affects taste and color). You’ll be left with a tincture or oil, depending on how much you evaporate off.


Pretty sure I want to make BHO / shatter not oils and butters as I don’t like consumables.

Seems like the most common and easy way to make shatter from trim is:
Take trimmings, bust it up (but not to fine).
Freeze it for a day along with your everclear.
Put it in a container with two open ends, like a tube or a blender with the end off.
Put unbleached coffee filter on the end.
Pour everclear through it and pour it onto a glass pan, let that pan evaporate kmay take 3 days.

Do this in a vented area and not in your house, or you might blow your house up lol.

Yeah sounds like the same process, I didn’t plan to do any soak really I was planning on just pouring it in one end and have it come out the other.
No soak, the guide I read when I researched QWET did a soak for 3min then a new soak for another 3 min giving the trim 2 passes, with each minute of the soak shaking it and then letting it sit in the freezer.

@Nicky check out comr grow with me HCG , she has a good step by step on collecting kief, simple and effective

What? How? Tag me?

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Well i dont to how link but its easy, you can buy a 220 micron screen pollen COLLECTER , called trim bin, frezze yor trim, then just rub it on the micron screen, and collect your kief. Then you can make hash or just lace your joints or blunts. Im a diy guy so i made mine here’s a pic