What to do with Miss Tiny

First time grower using a RDWC system.
All 4 of my seeds from ILGM sprouted nicely and were all showing the same rate of growth for about 1 week. At week 2 from seed, one of the girls seemed stuck at cotyledon stage and was not making true leaves. Now, at the beginning of week 4, she has true leaves but is really stunted and not forming symetrically.
My concern is that Miss Tiny might get burned as my nute solution gets stronger to accomodate the advanced girls. Plus, she might be way behind schedule when I go to flowering stage.

Should I just wait it out and see what she does or risk transplanting her to a soil pot and set her up with her own grow environment?

Big Sister:

Miss Tiny:

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Transplant her to soil, or abuse her to the end. Some are just slow starters.

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Sounds good. Transfer to grow bag it is.


I wanted to add some info here in case anyone wondered about my RDWC setup.
After building the system using 1 inch PVC for circulation, I read where alot of growers were having trouble with roots blocking pipes. So, I put grit guards in the bottoms of the buckets and a mesh bag inside. The grit guard keeps the mesh bag elevated above the circulation pipes. The air stone is in the mesh bag so the roots get the full benefit. The drip irrigation is there while the roots get established. Each plant (4) has its own clip light hanging down above it so I can adjust distances individually. Suspended in the center is a 1000 W LED. Grow tent is 4x4. Rez is outside the tent. Rez temps have been reaching 75 - 76 so I have a chiller on the way. Going to install reflective material on top of buckets as well to help lower my temps. I think im dealing with a slight nitrogen defeciency lately so I gave them a nitrogen booster this morning. Strain is Blue Dream.

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