What to do with hermies

Have had 3xhermies raise their head, they are 8 weeks. I had a previous one and gave it the chop. But thinking I will try and get some seeds. Read they will mainly be female?
When should I extract the seeds, do I need to dry them. I have moved them from others (in greenhouse). What is process please. Thank you all.

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The chances of hermie seeds being female are slim… more likely they will be hermits as well.

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Thank you for reply, I am fairly sure I read otherwise on this forum, so a little confused. Am I wasting my time?
Thank you.

Here’s a good thread. Read the section from @garrigan62. So if they produced seeds in response to stress seems different than if the plant actually hermied and was able to self pollinate. If self pollinated from male parts the seeds will be harmed as well. Maybe that’s the different responses you are getting?

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Every plant that showed balls in my tent gets the chop and then ‘KILL IT WITH FIRE’!

Just kidding.

But seriously though, I’ve chopped down every plant that exposes male parts just so I don’t push pollen out into the air and hurt my other plants, or screw with someone else grow some distance away. I really wish I had the space to keep them and experiment.

This topic is always confusing at first. For me it became easier to understand when I thought about it from a purely genetic standpoint. Think about this.

Femininized seeds, like the ones we purchase, are always produced by pollen from a Female Plant. Always. Its how Feminized seeds are produced.

Any seed will carry the genetics of its parents. We all know this and learned it in school.

So the only way a seed company can make Feminized seeds is to get pollen from a Female plant and pollenate Female plants. They do this by Stressing a Female plant and making it Hermie and using that pollen.
So why dont those seeds produce Hermies too since they came from a hermie female plant? Because the plant that was forced to herm had strong genetics against hermaphrodism. It was exposed to Extreme Stress to make pollen. Something we would not do intentionally.
Note at this point that ALL cannabis females have the ability to herm and produce pollen. Some are more prone than others. A breeder tries to avoid those traits but they are always present in the DNA code.
So in my tent if a plant herms at the slightest stress its just the DNA in that particular plant, and it was prone towards producing a Hermie. Seeds from that event will more than likely carry the same trait towards easy hermaphrodism.
But if it was an extreme event in my tent that produced a herm then those seeds will probably be just like the ones we buy. Plants grown from those seeds will be less likely to herm under normal growing conditions.
Conclusion, Ask yourself what was mom like. Did she go male because I looked at her funny. Then her kids will probably do the same.
Or,…Did she go male because the house caved in on her and crushed her half to death. Her kids will probably be strong too.
Remember genetics is all probability math.

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