What to do with extra flower

Started growing about 8 months ago and have successfully grown and harvested three plants, all from a single order of 5 seeds (all the same strain). At this point I’ve got more flower than I know what to do with, or can even consume myself. I’ve given some away to friends, I leave some as a tip at my favorite carry-out restaurant, left some for the mailman and garbage man! Still, I know I can’t use all that’s left, and I’m reluctant to start a new grow if it means I’m just creating a stockpile. But at the same time, I’d like to try growing a different strain.

I’m in Michigan where growing for personal use is legal, and recreational is legal, too. Still, I prefer to keep things on the down-low due to the nature of my job.

What does everyone do with their weed surplus?


Not many of us have it for long, but I like to do extraction.


I grow far more than I can use myself too. I give mine to family. Making hash is another good option.


I have experimented with making tinctures. My first was a disaster, I think because I used vodka. My second attempt I used Everclear and it worked like a dream. Still, the Everclear burns if you hold it in your mouth too long, so I usually have to mix it with water, tea, etc.


I sit my ethanol extractions out to evaporate all of the alcohol away. You’re left with nearly pure cannabinoids.


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You can send it down south here for “experimental studies” it will help our “research”


Take a run to your local grow shop and find out if there is any medical patients in need.

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