What to do with early flowering, no revenging? Trim or no trim?


First time grower here. The stats are:

  • growing outdoor in So Cal
  • germinated Jan 20’s, from Bergman’s Goldleaf (Fem seed)
  • in pot with indoor growlight (too long up to 14-18 hours) for about 2 weeks.
  • transplanted outdoor - Feb 10
  • flowering late Mar
  • seems not to reveg
    Here’s what she looks right now.

A couple of weeks ago, she was putting little green pods or leaves around the buds but now put out more trichomes. So I guess she’s heading down to finish the flowers.

So should I trim? And by trimming, is it trimming fan leaves around the budding heads or all over the plants, like those down below?

Hm, I thought I ordered fem seeds. But I just checked now and it does say, ILG-GLF-FP5. Also the white widow I ordered at the same time has FP20 on it.

I thought autoflower seed has FAP code, not FO.

Here are pictures I h
Just took.

Should I trim her though? If so, how extensive does it need? I guess I have to leave Notte fan leaves to feed the plants, right?

Thanks for comment. That’s what some people told me that I would reveg. So I’m torn if I should proceed to trimming.

Looks like it’s revegging finally. After two months of budding, I just saw new leaves sprouting out of buds tips.

What should I do? Wait for it to go into flowering stage again?

Nothing else to do. Let em rio

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Thanks, waiting game then, lol!

Should have been, “let em rip!”

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