What to do with burnt buds?

While on vacation my new to me lights cooked 6 Bud tops on my GDP. Only the top 2"-3" of the bud are browned, underneath they’re still flowering and pretty.

I’m currently on day 46 of flower and plan to harvest in 10 days.

My question is, should I just let them ride and then cut and trim as usual, or cut the burnt tops off and hope the flowers underneath continue growing for the next 10 days.

I cut 2 off last week, trimmed them and let them dry in a jar with fully cured weed for 5 days. TBH, they weren’t bad. Pretty smooth and mellow. Not a ton of flavor, but surprisingly good.



Take them off now, and don’t let the plants waste anymore energy on them. Dry and smoke them or save them for budder.

I know you asked for @garrigan62

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Are you sure they got burned from the light? Usually too much light happens in the form of bud bleaching, causing the buds to turn white.


Check to see if it is moldy .I hope its not bud rot . It’s hard to tell from that picture .

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The browning is from the outside in. It doesn’t look rotten just dried out and brown. I assume, never having it, that bud rot is from the inside out.

I’ll be trimming them off at lights on tomorrow. Thanks for the input.

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I burnt some of mine once with the light too close . Had to back it down and raise it up . I trimmed the burnt parts off with sisscors and smoked em . What are your new lights ?

This is the light I’ve got directly over the plants. It’s got way too much power for a 48"x30" scrog. I’ve got the supplemental eb strips running at about 100 watts right now. I had it all the way up while on vacation. Too much light fir the girls. Project: Increase the lighting footprint with bridgelux light strips

I’ve also got other lights in the tent as well.

@seeddog I’m going to go with bud rot. Opened them up and took a real close look. Damn.

Oh wow , so sorry man . Yup all soft and mushy inside . Cut them off and and get them out of your grow room as not to infect any other plants you might have . I would try washing the rest of it with peroxide and water mix . I think @Hogmaster had shared a video on how it was done on another post . Air circulation and low humidity is a must when they are in flower . I mistakenly left a fan off and humidity went to 50% , it only took 2 days but I caught it early enough to save it .

This summer has been abnormally humid, with humidity hitting 90% a lot. Most of my flower has been 65%-70%. I’ve got lots of fans and circulation in the tent, but I may have to re-think basement growing in the summer.

It’s a bummer, but it’s only about an ounce. I’ve got plenty left. :grin:

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How many GDP plants is that? I’m new so I was a bit curious how many plants you had to produce that many tops.

@vexer 2 plants, in a scrog.

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Awesome thanks. I was wondering how you got them so even and uniform, so that makes sense now.

My humidity inside my 2x4 was 42% today . I’m running a dehumidifier at 33% in the room the tents are in and i’m pulling out 2.5 gallons a day . It’s a battle .


If I continue to grow in my basement a big dehumidifier is on the short list.
Upstairs is air conditioned, but the girlfriend doesn’t appreciate the olfactory aspect of my grows. Yes, she does smoke.

@Drinkslinger @Budbrother , @Vexer . A good grow light will give you good buds , a good dehumidifier will let you smoke them . 1 Blueberry and 1 OG Kush are in flower and growing fast . Humidity is 42% , Temps at 84*

My first grow is a few weeks into flowering. The little Romulan got stunted growth early on but is coming back with some nice buds and the big Snowland girl finally started to flower after I switched to 10/14 lighting. Sorry about the purple, I was too lazy to turn the lights off.

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