What to do with a Sativa that no longer fits in the grow?


Is my first grow and I tried 3 Northern Light Auto and 1 Photoperiod Sativa seed (I don’t know the specie).

I waited for the 3 automatics to blossom (I already cut one, two are in the final stage), always on 18/6 light. Now that all the automatics is done, I’ll change the lights to 12/12. But now the Photoperiod Sativa is bigger than my grow can support, what can I do to don’t let the lights burn the plant?


You can try bending her over some doing lst and run her across the tent


Is it flowering? If not, then you can top it. If it is flowering then supercropping should work for you.

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It is not flowering, it is with lot of white pistills but no flowering yet, already to start flower when I change to 12-12.

The plant has already 18 nodes, can I top it on node 10 for example? :open_mouth:


I would top it around 30” and then super crop all of the tops , I took a foot of height off my girls

It looks bad, but it takes about a week to recover .They are shorter and much wider now


I’m not sure that I would top it if you have pistils. Topping is pretty stressful for the plant. Someone may come along with reassurance that it will be okay.

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I need some close ups but from what I can see that plant is still veggin


That would be your best bet - that is pretty much what I did x3 in my tent. But you are best to tie the main stem down hard - my whole grow is under 4 foot height :wink:

Edit: You will need a larger pot than the one she is in.


Nice plant ! In the future if you want to swap to 12/12 to trigger flowering on your photos go for it .The autos will never know the difference. You don’t need to wait till Autos finish to flip if you like. Gently Bend an tie the top of the big plant over. good luck


Here is some photos os pistills:

It is in a flowering stage? If it is in a flowring stage, is not under development, because the pistills look this way for months.

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Done. This how things are now:

Thank you all, lets see if she gonna prosper.

Now can I stay on vegetative for one or two weeks to wait the plant to recover and start flower next?

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You need to top it

:sweat_smile: never mind…well done

Just keep in mind that once you initiate flower the height can potentially double during the stretch

So those flowering plants are autos? On 18/6? If so yeah give the topped plant 10 days to recover and then flip

Yes @Cannabian, the flowering plants are auto. OK. I’ll wait 10 days and then flip the lights.

I think I top TOO MUCH, I could only top a litle and do a supercrop. I did it wrong, but it’s ok, is my first grow and I learned A LOT. Thank you all.

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It should be just fine? But if you plant to flip in 10 days, very likely not much time to veg new branches, do LST is kinda pointless? You will get the stretch though!

Yes, you`re right, just because I thought after I top, if I did just a supercrop on node 10 it would be better. But no problem.

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