What to do with a potential hermie?

I’m actually on my second grow-amnesia haze, three plants. I’m in the second week of flowering and noticed those dreaded balls on one plant (especially annoying because I paid for feminized). I decided to give it a few days more growth to be sure and noticed other branches have girl parts and no balls. Now the questions. 1. Can Hermies be this way? One branch male-others female? 2. If so can I just cut off the male branch?

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got any pics @Skyblue
if there were a source of light that one branch recieved it is possible…but i’m not sure if the whole plant will not eventually go hermie as well…

Tiger can’t change it’s stripes

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take him outside, say a prayer, and put a match on him

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Sing it to the tune of “Drunken Sailor”.

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Mist them/area around them with water, wet your fingers, then pinch the balls off. Afterward, wash your hands, then remist the area with water.

Edit: sorry, I missed that it was a whole branch…hmmmm…

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Morning update- looked closer and there were multiple stems showing male so reluctantly threw it out. No taking chances since my other two are really full and healthy. Bummed but it was the right thing to do


@Skyblue I just did exact same thing had a train wreck hermi on me and I chipped her/home down
It happens

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@Skyblue…hard for all growers to weed out plants that do not fit the projected expectations.

Kill it…put some smoke in the air, take a deep relaxing breath and know that when all the variables are aligned…you WILL have a harvest that will make you proud.

It’s a very singularly special experience, when the weather is nasty cold outside…to pop open a mason jar and take a long slow healthy hit of “Fresh Air”—QuickSilver Messenger Service.
Makes me feel warm and fuzzy …ALL OVER MY BODY !!!