What to do w my hermaphrodite?

Opinions I’ve sperated what is my options?

I’d probably burn it. A true herm like that likely won’t have a very good bud structure and that pollen is going to get everywhere, even on you, that you could bring into your grow space.


This early in the game I’d agree. Late flower would be a diff story…


Sort for your loss

Kill it

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It would be dead. But if you have even 1 male flower opened, you will need to scrub the whole grow area down.

When I pulled a male I grew on purpose, you could see a massive pollen dust just explode like a nuclear bomb. It was bad.


All the more reason to bag and tag that freak

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Omg wow I was thinking to try and work with it and remove the sacs but now you guys totally are changing my mind n I can use the space this Goliath is taking up it won’t stop growing either I thought it was a good thing but the others started at same time are quarter of the size I hope I don’t loose whole batch could be a huge waist of time but this is a total learning run definitely learning alot thank you guys for input

Get a trash bag and place it gently over the whole plant. Close it up and then move the plant. It’ll protect the surrounding plants as much as possible from pollen release.


U don’t have to tell me about pollen flying. I had a big oopsie here keeping a male about. They spew even if u don’t see it it’s there lol. I’d get rid of it also aß once it starts making seeds for itself there goes any bud production it will focus more on making the babies than the buds. Sorry M8 good luck but I’d put a bag over its head and chap at the neck


Look u could move it away from any other plants and u can carefully take the male pods off with out popping them and then let it grow and when u see more pods take them off aswell

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I looked by it today on the mylar was like cloudy idk if it burst or if it’s from water spray I didn’t bag it b4 I move I hope the prior location is OK fingers crossed think hope I caught it in time

So Tezza I took your advise I just kept ripping off the pods then I kinda gave up let it go for a week and both plants I’m assuming changed back to female no more visual seeds or pods and look

Im happy thank you Tezza2 it was a bit messy but I was careful like how what is it possible? I gues seeds will be inside but I’m ok w that all smiles here lol


It’ll be like weed in the 70s and early 80s

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Aw man doesn’t sound good its my first and I have the plants that made it through it looks good I’m thoroughly enjoying it my new passion lol I hope it’s not complete waist my next venture is getting the humidity down and learning to use Carson scope I got very hard to adjust I know I’m leaving several posts in one thanks for replying buddy!

Nah. You’ll have smokeable bud just be sure to toss any seeds you find and don’t be tempted to grow them. They’ll also be herms.

A cheap household dehumidifier should work fine.

Stuff it right up against your buds. A tripod or something to steady makes life way easier. I’m too shakey for microscopes without help.

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I think I’m to shake either I’d get it focused poof gone lol yeah I’m trying to find a decent dehumidifier on Amazon may check walmart next

This is the best reviewed dehumidifier that I had been able to find with a continuous drain outlet so you can just hook a garden hose up to it and let the water leak into a giant container or outside or whatever floats your boat.

hOmelabs Dehumidifier

There might be cheaper ones out there but it’s the one that kept coming up for me for ease of use and continuous dehumidifying. Ironically I never had to buy one because I’m lucky if I can hit 50% RH with a humidifier running.

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Aw wow you must live where it’s dry your the best man I appreciate it im hitting 70s nand 80s literally water droplets on fan leaves sometimes and on walls I run the fan with filter but water can’t be doing filter any good it definitely helps but I’m thinking dehumidifier will help the situation I may be watering to much like every other day but if not third morning there dry and leavs start looking rough thanks again brother

Yep, absolute literal high desert.

Any time, man. Always happy to impart what I uncover if it’s useful :muscle:

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No worries Im glad to help it may of stop producing pods yah u mite end up with a few seeds that not that bad thou