What to do to my marijuana plants?

A fellow grower in need of some advice:

I have 3 plants, every plant with different length. The biggest
one showing that she is female. Length is about one meter. The secound
one is about 85-90cm tall and third one is about 50-60cm. Two
(smallest) others plants doesn’t show any signs that they are female,
yet. So what should i do now? Do i need to switch over small pulbs that
gives 2700kelvins or keep growing them with 500w pulb what gives
4500kelvins until those two plants are female/male? When i bought those
plants i gave them 18h lights and 6 darkness. Then after 5 days switch
to 15 / 9 and today after 2 weeks switched 14/10 because i saw these
little florar threads. Whats the best to do now? Sativas by the way.

Some strains won’t show sex until a couple of weeks after switching to the flowering light schedule.

I’m not sure I really understand most of the rest of the question/statement. Maybe you can respond and clarify or clean it up a little and make it clearer.

Unless you are using fluorescent lights that are specifically made for plants, the whole 2700 kelvin stuff isn’t really that important, you can veg and flower under 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000 and 6500K fluorescent light in most cases. Yes some extra red can be beneficial, especially during flower and some argue the 2700K in a regular household fluorescent light could be used successfully as well for both veg and flower.

Also all the different light schedules you are using might not necessarily be needed, most commonly 18/6 is fine for the entire vegetative period and then go straight 12/12 for flowering. and I assume we are on the same page about the first number representing the number of hours for lights on and the second number being the number of hours of complete uninterrupted darkness.