What to do now? Need some advise

Good afternoon. I’m needing some advice on my next steps. I have trained these plants so the main stems grew out sideways. I did this in hopes it would allow me to keep the plants short and to give them space from each other so they can grow and not block light from other branches. I now think They are to the sides as much as they can so I’m now allowing them to grow up. How tall should I allow these to get before i put them into flower

I tried to add these images to the oringinal post but it was messing up the text.

@Arrow is the guy with this style of grow . I would ask him and maybe follow his grow journal

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wow your first pic looks like a Hawaiin palm tree, awesome job

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Hi brother, I’m set to watch…if you don’t mind. How big is your grow space and how tall can you afford to let the plants grow?..:sunglasses::v:


I am growing in a 24x 24 x 48 tent. This one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083WG1Y6H/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_MAyqFbNAW6CH8

Currently they are in the floor. I had them on a small table inside there but have had to remove it. From the pot bottom to the very top of each plant is 24 inches. Each separate stem is between 10 and 12 inches. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

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Your plant will normally double in height, after you flip. You must also factor the distance from light to plant. Upload some new photos, so we can asses the situation better…a lot can happen in 14 days…:sunglasses::v:

I had some nutrient problems and flushed them on Saturday. I posted another thread asking if I should repot them. That’s why they are looking yellow and leaves turned down. The ph was 7.5 and the ppm was 3500+ when I tested the run off. So they have not grown much. Here is some updates pictures.

Wow - any idea what the ph going in has been? Did you ph the flush?

My thoughts on this would be to get your numbers under control, @beardless can steer you. Get your plants healthy, and flip, you gonna run out of space soon…:sunglasses::v:

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