What to do now (both male and female plants)

I’m growing two plants outdoors, both of which seem healthy and happy. HOWEVER, one of the plants turns out to be a male, which has flowered profusely with long stalks covered in male pollen flowers; the female has itself started budding. I only separated them about a week ago, so I don’t doubt that some pollen got on the female; even now, they’re only about 50 or so feet apart in separate yards. The plants are both for producing edibles, so all I care about is what I can extract when it comes time.

  1. What should I do with my flowering male? Should I get rid of it? Let it continue to grow and flower? Will it still produce useful amounts of THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids?

  2. What should I do with my female? If any of the flowers have been fertilized, what does that mean or imply?


Males have extremely low levels of thc. If you dont mind seedy pot, you should end up with loads of free seed!


Unless you want a bunch of seeds from the female, gently put a trash bag over the male, seal it at the bottom, cut the stalk, and dispose of the plant far far away. Then I’d hose down the area with water.

Male plants do have a little thc, but unless you’re desperate I’d just bin it.

Cross your fingers and hopE the female did not get pollinated. If she did, bud development will cease, the sticky goodness will disappear, and the plant will begin focusing all its energy into seed production.

Thanks, everyone. I harvested the male and have it drying; I should be able to extract enough from it to make at least some edibles. The female, meanwhile, is budding like crazy; it doesn’t seem to have been knocked up by the male.

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Nerve, Can I ask when you harvested the males? I’ve got 4, they are well away from the females. At least I’m hoping they haven’t been pollinated yet. I’m going to make edibles with the males. Thaknks

I harvested them once I confirmed they were males. Here is the plant right before harvest. I’m just hoping they didn’t knock up the female. I would recommend harvesting the males immediately since it’s not worth the risk of getting the female preggers.