What to do if it rain

I live in fl and it has been raining every day for the past 3 days. I have my ladies outside some of them are flowering should I bring them inside?

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I’m curious if you think it would be easy to get them inside without breaking any branches. I mean, do you have a wide slider and the plants aren’t 8ft tall, type of thing. I’m mostly curious because I’ve wondered the same thing. Up here, in the NE, rain during flower usually means mold is coming (because it’s starting to get chilly). I’ve always put them right into the ground so it hasn’t been an option. My gut says if it’s easy and nothing is going to break, why not if they’re getting overwatered? Following…

I grow indoor. I would put trash bags around the base of container to control how much water gets in the soil.


The intensity of the sun vs indoor lights makes it difficult to move in and out, they usually will burn or stunt in growth if going back and forth.

How large are the plants?

I will post the pictures

Thanks I will try that

If you have the cloth or fabric pots and got them elevated an not sitting flat on the ground they should dry back out pretty quick when the sun comes out. Just my thoughts good luck

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I"m just following up on this question. I’m in Fl too and just recently graduated my girls to outside, in 5 gallon cloth. They are sitting out on my back patio (I am surrounded by vacant lots), but when it’s a deluge I can’t think that’s good for the plants. I was thinking moving them to a covered area? But once they are further along I worry about the humidity and rot. Any people on here dealt with that? Mine are autos. I can bring them in at night, maybe? Total newbie here, in case it wasn’t obvious, lol. Thx

Can someone help me I did not label this lady and now I am not sure what it is

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Sorry, there are hundreds of varieties of cannabis for sale these days, about the only thing one can deduce from that image is that it is an auto most likely, and that it is in flower.

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The image below is a sativa hybrid, possibly a regular photo?