What to do if all the buds are not ripe at the same time?


My WW has started flowering and I’m wondering if all the buds will be ripe at the same time.
If one or two buds are ahead of schedule and look ready to harvest should I just harvest them and leave the rest to mature?
Many Thanks this group has been very kind to me.


@santiago. Yes, you can harvest at different stages


Can we get some information on your setup. Maybe a few pics. Love reading about other people’s grows @Santiago


As you can see I have an odd setup. It’s in the living room here. I put two 7Gal fabric pots in my old 46 Gal aquarium. I’m using Fox Farm Frog soil and their nutes. My buddy and I had to build a cage to keep my cat out of the plants. The towel at the top just protects my eyes from the grow light.
First grow but these girls look very healthy.


Thank You.


What to do when the time comes is up to you. You can harvest the buds as they ripen to your satisfaction depending on how you like it. I am only writing about my favorite way to harvest. When the nome’s on my large buds are milky I use a drill, with a very small bit, and drill a very small hole in the center of the trunk. Most importantly, split carefully so you damage as little as possible your plants xylem & phloem cells. Robert has a great method in his grow publication on the site, so read it ASAP. Even the lower small buds will do the tric. In conclusion, it is all about preference. Good luck!!!


I harvest all of mine right at the same time. But that’s because I only have one room to grow in and I want to get them out as soon as they’re ready. It doesn’t help that I have some ilgm seeds waiting in the wings. My first drop ever can’t wait to try them.
I kind of do mine simple and just take it all when it’s ready. But nothing wrong with doing them in stages. Enjoy your grow take care


Hey Santiago,

Welcome to ILGM. There are many ways to answer your question. Yes as mentioned; You can stagger the harvesting of a plant. One must be wary of getting into constantly snipping buds off.

IN the pictures you show; I do not see anything that is ready to harvest. Perhaps you have a picture of the Buds that are “ready”

Happy growing, lw


Many Thanks!


Cool. Thanks.


Hi, They are only in week one or two of flowering so I know I have a lot of time to wait.
I’m just planning ahead. I looked all over for an answer to this question but came up with very little.
With luck all will be ready at the same time. Thanks for replying.


No problem. Like everyone says if you got a question just create a post. You’ll get some answers. Enjoy your grow and good luck.


Thank You. I’m a new grower but reading all I can and buying what I can afford. At two plants you can only call this a hobby. I’d be thrilled if the value of my harvest covered the startup costs. It also helps that I got these great seeds from Robert.
Cheers Santiago


Hi. I think I phrased that wrong in the OP. What I meant was one of them is developing faster than the others. My bad.


Oh they will! You shouldn’t have a problem getting your start up cost erased or at least trimmed down a bit after your first grow. Everybody has to start somewhere. I’m on a budget myself and I just try and grow the best stuff I can with what I have. I upgrade things here and there and do little bits when I can. But that’s just when I can save up some money. That’s one awesome thing you’ll find about this site not only do they give you advice on how to upgrade and the most beneficial and economical way to do it but they also help you grow the best stuff possible with what you already have. Stick with it it’s really enjoyable. I’m only starting my fourth real grow but you learn something new every time.
you can’t beat sitting down and smoking some of your own stuff you grew from a tiny little seed. It’s a cool feeling… Not to mention think of the money you save from not buying from dispensaries or the local weed guy.


Thanks. Those are inspirational thoughts. I’m also growing because it’s now legal in Massachusetts so it’s partially to celebrate the end of prohibition. Cheers.


Boom! I wish it was like that all around the country. I have a medical card but I would like to avoid paying those costs every year and just have the stuff go completely legal.
Glad you have a smart state and smart voters that legalized it for you guys n gals.
Why not? It’s legal for you so go for it! You don’t have to sweat a thing. Enjoy!


I concur with what neckNflu wrote. Metaphorically, he hit the target in the Bullseye on all accounts on how I felt too. Good luck, yet with IGLM, and the knowledgeable people here you will persevere. Good Day


Swamp Man I’m with you. This website is something special. I joined in December but I read and visit this site on and off for about a year. Just from reading over the course of that year and not asking any questions my grows got better and better each time. Not kidding. That’s how much this website helps. Now that I’m a member I actually ask questions and I’m learning stuff that’s invaluable.
Great website but I think the members and the professionals are what make it what it really is. Not to mention I can vouch for the seed website. It’s 100% legitimate. Okay I’m babbling now have a good morning.


We definitely are in agreement on in all aspects. I have to get back to work, but have a great day.