What to do if all fan leaves are gone

my plant ate all the fan leaves but the trichs arent ready, all pistils brown

Pictures would help and how many weeks into flower

9 weeks in flower, 12 1/2 from seed.

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What kinda plant is she. Looks nice buds. Nice job. Have u been doing water only that usually helps her eat up what’s in her and get the ball moving a bit quicker. If not u can try new millennium s winter frost. Look it up works great so far. Helped me finish up 5 plants that kept throwing white pistils on me.

gg auto, yes water only, shes looked like this for about 2 weeks now, i know the leaves are what take the light so didnt know if i had an issue…all pistils have been brown for about 2 weeks as well…trichs are what im still waiting for

I’d put her in the dark and harvest her some pots just don’t amber up very much at this point she’ll start to cannibalize her buds

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ive been thinking about it, im trying to wait it out a bit more but i need some room for a younger plant that ive been trying lst on

@goldiemouth270 something happen mid flower :blossom:, have you’re ph water and soil ph been close to the same each week after watering and feeding ?
You must slurry test your dirt each week before feeding, that way if your dirt is unbalanced , you can adjust your ph watering or feeding to buffering in range with the dirt ph numbers !

yea im sure ph was all over the place because i didnt have a ph meter in the beginning

im just trying to figure out if these will still finish up and the trichs change color

If you missed the ph on that gg in flower you get that. Just lost a small sog. Still matured. All fans died. Buds didnt get big. I just waited it out. Ripened well. Most"80%" went into oil. Only kept tops. Has happened to me a couple lazy times. Sensitive. I kinda wonder if because gg is so thirsty ph hits it harder. 2 years of 1 plants clones. Have killed a few playing and experimenting.

my buds arent huge but i got a bit lucky and they aren’t tiny, everything seems fairly good for now besides not having any fans the past few weeks…pistils all brown and everything- just waiting on trichs

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this is a nug i clipped early as a “sample” lol…its from 3rd branch down from main cola

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You let that gg get amber you will lock like a stone. It is my medical grow. I personally have found a

better buzz when i harvest very little amber. I let the med stuff go 20% or so and it is VERY sedative. This came from last girl.

i have a super high tolerance- i buy off the streets and at the dispensary and i rarely get a buzz( guess that happens when you consume 2-4 ozs a week lol)…i always hear of “couch-lock” and it just makes me envious lol

Gg is no joke. You will be happy.

i cant wait lol- sucks knowing that after they are ready to harvest, they still aint ready to smoke🤣

are those buds dry or wet

@goldiemouth270 that will be your down fall , it’s worth the wait . Now once you get through a full grow without issues , you won’t buy much street of shop pot , research research and read as much you can to get a full understanding .

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Wet. Got 5lbs wet trimmed…emded up 15 ounces of good stuff and 5 ounces for oil. The gg sog went into oil. It is a hammer.