What to do? Hermie, any advice?

So bummed, found this last night on my biggest plant. Checked again this morning and another in the same branch. It’s almost like one side of the top Hermied, the rest of the plant appears to be normal. Plucked the nanners as soon as I saw them. Not sure what to do. 20 days into flower. Should I just keep plucking as the appear, cut off that side of the top?
For a little better reference. When I topped it, the two “main” shoots that grew, let’s call them left and right. Only the left side is developing the pods.
I’m in a 3x3 tent, mystery seeds, 240 actual watt full spec light. Good ventilation, temps stays in the 70’s, rh 40-50%. Sat int the grow room after dark looking for light leaks, none found. This developed suddenly. Any thoughts or advice are greatly appreciated.

looks like you checked all possible environmental factors, must be genetics,

Cull plant is you want to make sure no seeds, or watch like a hawk and risk seeds.


20 must be the magic number with genetic hermies . Every hermie I have had has shown at the 20 day of flower mark.

that’s interesting about the 20 day mark

Cull it, or perpetuate the cycle of mystery seeds.

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Since the first to nanners I have found no more. I check thoroughly in the morning before work and my wife checks in the evening. Here are some pics of the plant in question

Sorry for the bad lightning

Here is a pic of what was found, again sorry for the bad lightning

Pull your manners off and keep growing. You’re at LEAST 2 months into the grow. A few seeds don’t hurt unless you’re selling to a dispensary. I’ve had that before. Out of over a pound of buds, I had about a dozen seeds. Big deal.


It’s for personal use, so that’s what I was thinking to do. Just keep a vigilant watchful eye and let it grow.

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If it is the only plant going I would let it grow also now you know that some of those seeds are prone to possibly Hermie if you grow more of them looks like you’re in good hands with the help you got if you have any questions please feel free to ask

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It’s not the only plant, I have four others going as well. I have a kind of grow journal, not sure how to link it here.

Pull the plant and kill it or give it to a friend.

Can’t be sure, but I would recommend giving this site another good look.

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I will look when I get back home, looks like a small leaf, but I will double check this evening.

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