What to do best for plant if i need to change their sleep patern?

I will need my plants that are sleeping in day to start sleeping at night. how do i do this best for as less strees for plant as possible? they are two weeks in flowering. They start sleeping from 9 in the morning till 21:00. I need them to change pattern from to start sleeping in 21:00 and waking up in 9 in the morning. Should i let them have whole 24 hours of light, thats kind of stressful for them?. Or should i give them 15 hours of light and 21 hours of night, will that be more stressful or less? Looking for less stressful way for them to change sleeping patern, please help!

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Just give them a long dark period to change the schedule they will be fine. I would NOT give them 24 hours of light as this will be damaging to the flowering schedule.
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When in veg, and you have to change the schedule, just leave the light on. Flowering NEEDS the darkness to continue to trigger the flowering hormones.


Ok jumping in here. Have an issue. Power co switching poles n twicw now my lights been cut out 2hrs into dark cycle. Im around day 40. The first time was week 2 i got 1hermie 6pushed tHrough heLthy
But today lights out again. Should i leave dark til they would normally go dark n flip schedules or let em come on in a few hours ???
They again had 2hrs light. After 13 dark. There messing with my babies. .

@Rooted as long as the the dark period is longer than lights on. You’re fine.

This only would be an issue if you were in veg, and had this happen. The longer dark period will trigger the flowering hormones, and they would start to flower.


Ok thanks i thought the same just wanted to hear it from someone else.

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@Covertgrower i had my lights off for 2 days very early in veg i got the light going and she seems to b ok just curious on your thoughts

They’ll survive, @Evile during veg, the longer dark periods trigger the flowering. Unless it’s an auto.