What to do after week 12 nutes of foxfarm feeding schedule

This is my first time growing, im not understanding on when the plant is ready to harvest, i have a femenized gelato clone, ive been using foxfarm dirty dozen nutes and im on the week 12 soil feeding schedual, im not sure how close i have left till harvest and should i just start feeding it balanced ph water only?

Your math might be a little off if you haven’t figured the transition time between seedling stage to veg and from veg to flower. This transition time can be as much 2/4 weeks. So you could be 8 /10 weeks of real age. Plus each strain will vary. Real age must be figured by the tricome ie: clear,milky or reddish color. I did this my first two grows and ended up harvesting too early. Also when you reach 12 weeks just keep that schedual till harvest.

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I bought it as a cutting on april 12

, this is my first real plant trying to grow, ive been having issues trying to start from seeds but this is a clone from a femanized gelato, this is how big she is know heres the main cola i have it in a 2’x2’x4’ high grow tent with a 600 watt 3 stage light


Gorgeous lady

From what I can see you still have a lot of white pistols which means that she is still building bud. For sure check tricomes, but looks like a couple weeks to go. Would help to take pictures in natural light, hard to tell with the burple grow light. But she looks good man

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Heres an update, i feel like shes boomin,

i just finished week 12 nutes of the ff feeding schedule, should i just feed her balanced ph water till shes done? Or should go one more week of nutes?

Love it great plant! This pic, I placed the loop right against the lense on my camera on my phone, try it I bet it works

soz I just realized its 2 months ago :smile:

According to FF keep on the 12th wk schedule till harvest.

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