What to do after germination

I am looking for what everyone has found to be the best way to successfully germinate and plant auto seeds. I have read germinate in water then plant directly into its final home but have also read sow directly in soil or germinate in water then plant in a 3-4” pot then when it has some roots plant in final home. About to start my first grow and any help would be great. Is bush doctor coco loco good for seeds or do I need happy frog? Thanks

Put seeds in water for 18 to 24 hours. You then can use toilet and or paper towels damp with seeds in it. Keep for 48 hours and then plant the taproot down in the soil about 1/4”.

Then add less than 5 ml water a couple inches from where you places the seed. They don’t require a lot of water at first.


A lot of folks have methods they use, such as soaking the seeds, heating pads, using a wet paper towel to germinate before planting, and even some more elaborate methods.

I just dropped 2 beans today. I just put them 1/2 inch deep in soil and call it a day. I almost always have them pop their heads out of the soil 4 days later.


What kind of soil?

@New2grow20 I just started my first grow last week and I’m doing autos as well. I read all that stuff too about transplanting will shock autos. So I soaked my seeds in water and in about 2 1/2 days some sprouted tails so then I planted them in fox farm happy frog soil and all of them sprouted in 2 days and some by day 3. Have to be very careful on the watering not to drown them. I planted them 1/2 inch deep all in 3 gallon fabric pots and used 9oz clear solo cups for domes on top. I sprayed the inside of the solo cup w a spray bottle just enough to cover the bottom of the cup w water twice a day. And sometimes I only watered once a day. So far so good but as like you…my first time too. Lots of people on here to help. ILGM forum rocks and everyone on here is super cool and nice. Trust me I’ve asked every question u can think of and there’s always like 3 or 10 people helping me out. Good luck and have faith! :grinning::pray::v:

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I put in distilled water with a little h2o2 for 24-hours or until tap root starts. Then to paper towel until root shows. Plant 1/4 down in 16 ounce cups and let it rock. I use the same method for both autos and photos. I have not notice a big difference with shocking the autos during transplant. Plus the smaller cup keeps me from over watering.


The main reason to pre soak a seed is because if you attempt to do it in soil it may be either insufficient moisture or too much. The idea behind ( the soak ) is to ensure thebseed wall has been saturated through enough to promote germination. Once the seed sinks, either through poking or stirring gently, it is wet enough to begin. Some people loje the towel method because they can see a dud or a stud before they plant. Sure this can be a bit stressful for the seedling but if your careful its no big deal. I call it looky loo sprouting! The best way is to take the cracked seed or soaked seed straight from the shot glass and plant it! Sure you may get a dud now and then but there is less risk to the tap root. Either way it works just fine. Enjoy grow your plants! Have fun!

So I’ve never tried this method, but I’m going to on my next grow. Where you use sand paper on the seed, to “gently scuff off the outer coating.” It’s on the Kind Soil seed starting page, and supposedly they say it allows water to better penetrate past the coating. I’m actually doing a kind soil grow next, and I’m just going to follow all of their instructions to the T even though I think the water/H202 way is the surest. Directly in soil works too most of the time.

Shoot. When I was a kid, we used to just throw loam down in a ditch, toss a couple handful of seeds in there, and cover them up. Pulling out the ladies a little after sundown always ensured they’d be okay in their forever homes out back. It gave them time to get situated with their new spot before they’re exposed to heat and light.

The traditional method is to use the striker on a matchbox…

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I remember doing that back in the day @Type1. Thank god state and government is finally realizing the mistakes and prejudice they have had against marijuana and finally things are starting to come out into the light. Just imagine in 10 years what science will have discovered when having no holds on research and how much more we the people are going to be able to do whatever we want career wise or just using the plant and not criminals anymore when in hind sight…we were not criminals in the first place…society was. Hears to moving the touch forward…lol no pun intended

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