What to do about new leaves growing on buds, 2 weeks before harvest is due

With only 2 weeks to go, the lights were ‘accidentally’ left on for 24 hours!!! Today, I noticed that new leaves are growing on the tops of the buds. I assume it is ‘vegging’. How can I stop my crop from being ruined. Any advised would be welcomed!

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I’m by far no expert but I can’t see where lights being left on for 24 hrs then corrected would send them back in to veg. I’m thinking it takes much longer for that. Id keep going as planed and try for no more uh ohs! I think your good.

can you post a picture of the plant please
I agree it would take longer than 24 hours to switch back to veg
What strain are you growing ? @BEANETTA
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Get a timer and then that eliminates that risk
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I can’t see that it would do any significant harm, especially this close to harvest.

Thanks to you all.

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If you’re seeing new leaves form 2 weeks from harvest, cut out all nitrogen…

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