What to add to soil?

I am new to these forums so i would like to ask on your soil that you put your transplant seedling in , what all kind of ingredients do you add to your ( i’m using miracle grow soil ) 5 gallon bucket that is if i’m asking this right ?

Welcome to the forum @AlaCart61. First of all, most of us here, wouldn’t recommend using Miracle Grow, especially for seedlings. It has time-released nutrients, so releases the wrong kinds of nutrients for your plants during flower. It is also too “hot”, or nutrient-rich for seedlings. Seedlings should be planted in seed started, or plain potting soil. A 5-gallon bucket is a big container for a seedling, as well. You could use something smaller, like a solo-cup, or a quart-sized pot, until it has a good root system. It will be easier to keep track of the water that way. If it is already settled in, and you don’t want to move it, you’ll have to be careful about watering, and not over-watering this seedling.

Once the plant is significantly bigger, we start adding nutrients. But again, with Miracle Grow, this is complicated, and something that I’m really not familiar with. Good luck!


Wonka has you well covered.

Welcome to the forum! Excellent place to be to grow great weed. Lol. That simple. Now. Onto ur soil. Fox Farms Ocean Forest comes preamended very well for immediate transplant after the seedling is old enough. A great seed starter (low nutrient) soil is Happy Frog. Or as recommended earlier coco coir. Promix has a few as well. But most gardening areas sell basic potting soil. No nutes is best. Or very very little. Also mychorrial bacteria (or mykos) is a GREAT additive for starting seeds in. It promotes excellent root growth and beneficial bacteria. Good luck and hope to see you growing soon :+1:t5:


Thank u so so much

Ok that is awesome ok what about them round disc that when you add water they expand, put your germinated seed inside the disc that has expanded at least 3” of moist soil n when they get the right size put them in fox farm ive grown before but i want to listen to a professional grower but if you prefer solo cups i will do whatever u say can u put up pics of your grow on here

I prefer solo cups or starter trays. If only because i always wet the peat pods too much :sweat_smile::rofl::joy: but plenty of people have awesome success rates with them. Kinda a ‘whatever fits for u’ deal

Then transplant them in the Fox Farm soil? I’ve never used Fox Farm n i suppose its got the right nutrient in the soil? Or do you add your own?

N i was wondering here in oklahoma we r allowed to have 6 plants n 6 seedlings to grow so what kinda lights ? I have 1 - 600w for vegetative stage n 2-600w for flowering stagesn the 3 are LED is that enough for vegetative n enough for flowering n i have a smaller LED FOR SEEDLINGS ???

Ok go find your lights on amazon and link them here
Also budget for lighting? And space size again? Ill prolly look up but just as a point of reference. Smoke alot.
I amended my own soil. It is wayyyyy to hot for anything under a month. So i started my girls in starters. Potting soil ONLY. Want to start using Promix Bx r they veggie line. Or maybe some low nutrient, mychorrial bacteria enriched coco/soil alternative. Just for starter trays.

Side note. I put autos straight into 5 galls. Photos- step by step. Starter. 1 gall. Then 5. (Just startd growing seriously. Grain of salt with everything i write, should put this at the top :joy:)

So back to the soil deal. Yea. In 5 galls. Bottom half of the pot all hot. Lower, upper quarter a mix of low nute soil/hot soil. Upper quarter low nute soil. Want to make sure if she grows that far down. She is old enough to use the juice ya know?

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Dangit Wonka. Saw u and hit enter too soon :joy::rofl::joy: lucky theres and edit button

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I chose a lazy route for soil. I went with basic potting soil for seedlings. (I actually did use JiffyPots to get things going, and placed those into clear solo cups. I then placed the clear solo cups inside red solo cups. This way, I could pull out the clear cups to look at the root development. Just be sure to poke plenty of holes in the clear solo cups if you go this route.)

From the solo cups I Planted into 3-gallon SmartPots, but next time, I’ll go straight into 5-gallon SmartPots. And for this I used Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. FFOF has plenty of nutrients to get your plants all the way through the vegetative phase and into the flowering phase. I really didn’t need to add any nutes in veg at all, and whenever I tried to, I ended up with nute burn. The soil has plenty for veg. You do need to stay on top of the Ph of your water though. The FFOF soil is neutral, but you want to keep your water around 6.5.

Lighting is tricky. @PurpNGold74 is right. It would be helpful to see a link to what you really bought, if you already have these - and if you bought them on Amazon. I bought a “600 watt” light from Amazon at the outset, only to discover that despite the rave reviews posted online, it doesn’t really put out anywhere near 600w of light. I am using it in my veg tent now, and it is working just fine in there, but I was fortunate to be able to get some better quality LEDs for my flower tent.

And like @PurpNGold74, I am by no means an expert. I probably spend more time on this forum than is healthy, but I’m learning tons. I am still in my first grow though.


Second that. I try to ignore it for a few hours. Then i click safari and see updates and im here again :joy:. But in all actuality if im not here im still on my phone. Also.

Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil is definitely alot easier and more convenient. I actually used a medium bag of it to amend with my amendments :joy: