What the hell is this?

I have some strange spots on my plant where I trimmed leaves off and folded them down a little to hard when super cropping. Only in a very few places though. It looks like sand build up but I wiped it off and there were homes there. Are they just attempting to heal themselves or is there a problem? I wrapped them in some pieces of gardening cloth and secured them. They seem to be doing OK though. Anyone ever deal with this before? It’s actually only 2 places but I took 3 pics of each

It looks like a weird infection… are these outside?
It also looks like something might be borrowing into the infection… hard to say… :wink:

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They are outside and I thought the same thing but the plant seems to be steadily growing and producing. Even the buds that are around the holes. I’m lost and can’t find anything related to it so I’m just gonna keep on keeping on. Hopefully it’s just like bleeding or coagulating like blood cells or something. We’ll see though. Thanks for replying

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Try some systemic fungicide but if they had buds I don’t now perhaps he can not eliminate it from his organization.
perhaps if you try a very light fungicide to prevent it from being eliminated.
(First time grower)…

Hmmm had some hard sand looking stuff show up around my cuts but just round it like bumps. Not sure what that is, i was wondering if maybe some kind of leftover nute is being forced out? Sorry wish i had something more for ya, but like you said still growing so just keep her going :+1:. Happy growing

looks like these How to kill corn borers in my outdoor marijuana garden?

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