What the hell is this alien infestation?

Okay so maybe not an “infestation” but I plucked this leaf off today when I noticed this suspicious cluster of what appears to be eggs…?

What is this and should I kill it with fire?

Fyi, this is a small leaf, smaller than my pinky finger. The :eggs: are tiny.


Those appear to be moth eggs. Which type of moth, I have no idea…

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Whatever it is, it needs to be treated for OCD.


I’ll just look for the moth flying in ritualistic circles

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That’s crazy. Looks like chain mail armor.

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No kidding! I agree eggs of some sort, and probably not good.

If it is moths a wind chime will scare them off. I had a whole city of moths on my front porch years ago. Someone told me jingle my keys and they disappear. Apparently the metal clinking together they feel as sonar waves. It makes them think a bat, the main predator of moths, is near. I hung a wind chime and never had a problem again.



I did some digging and closest I could come up with is an owlet moth.

Then I read the wiki entry…

Many species of owlet moths are considered an agricultural problem around the world. Their larvae are typically known as “cutworms” or “armyworms” due to enormous swarms that destroy crops, orchards and gardens every year. The old world bollworm ( Helicoverpa armigera ) produces losses in agriculture every year that exceed US $2 billion.[28] Additionally, the variegated cutworm ( Peridroma saucia ) is described by many as one of the most damaging pests to vegetables.[29

Just a load of great news :slight_smile:
Guess I’ll be inspecting leaves tonight