What the hell could this be?

Hey all, I’ve got some questions and hopefully not some problems, but here it is: I’ve got some patches on some leaves, some on the inside and some on the edges. My last Blue Dream grow pretty much did the same thing. I’m in week 5 of flower. Heres a link to my grow journal (wish I tagged it grow journal) 4 ILGM Strain Grow Journal

Other than this the plants look fine. All of the issues are on the top leaves. I’m in cocoa, 5.8pH going in. Checked my run off coming out last night and Blue Dream and Purple Haze were at 6.4, Cali Dream at 6.8 and Chocolope at 5.6. Thet are all getting the same food out of the same container. Last feed was with R/O water (as always) Bio-Bizz Bio Bloom, Cal Mag, Top Max, Bio Heaven, Mammoth P and 4 tbsp molasses for around 519 ppm. I flushed the Chocolope and Cali Dream with 5.8 pH’d water and 2 1/2 tablespoons of bat guano (in case I have a P issue. What says the experts?

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Hi - I have a couple of questions.

How often do you water the coco?

What are the ppms of the runoff?

The 6.4 and 6.8 pH on the runoff is high. Was the 6.4 and 6.8 before or after the flushing?


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@Sixpackdad thank you, I feed every 3rd day. The high ph was before flush. After I flushed, I checked it and it was 5.8. Didnt check the ppms.

Based on the purple stems, I would say K and or P.

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Leaning more towards potassium based on the stage of flowering you are at.

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Looks like ppm excess.

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Thank you for the replies. Maybe flush the others, back down on the ppm’s and throw some bat guano tea at them?

And check ur ppm runoff

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I think if you’ve gotten the pH straightened out and you have flushed, I would proceed with watering at a reduced dosage until you can measure the ppm of the runoff. They certainly look like they will be hungry based on those flowers. I would typically say only water at 5.8 for the time being until you get the ppms measured, but I think that will make them hungry. Once you know the ppms (I think they should be 1500-ish, no higher than 2500), you can adjust the nutes from there. In my coco, my early flowering plants have around 1000 ppm and I water every other day at 1/4 nutes.

Good luck @MickyS, your plants look great, nice work, and probably only minor corrections here to get them on the path.

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Thanks @Sixpackdad! Today is feeding day… I shall proceed as recommended and update soon!

One thing I have recently noticed…when I mix the nutes and ph, and if I let it sit for awhile, the ph rises. I wonder if I should mix my 6 gallons, and adjust ph, and let it sit between feedings, then recheck and adjust. I keep an aerator in my water cooler as well.

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Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever let them sit. I make and feed.

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I read that the Bio-Bizz takes a day or so to do its microbial thing before everything is is usable for the plant. If this is true, maybe that is raising my pH. These nutes are really nice and I only have experience with this line (2nd grow) but I had the same issue with the first grow. Maybe I’ll try the Canna line specifically for coco next time, if I cant figure this out. I also have some PK 13/14 that I was waiting for week 6 to use.

Well, I dont know if they are good now but I’ve done quite a bit of flushing and ph’ing. On Friday they got 162ppm @ 5.8ph. Runoff was as follows:
Chocolope- 381 ppm, 5.4ph
Cali Dream 461 ppm, 5.5ph
Blue Dream 768 ppm, 5.8ph
Purple Haze 659 ppm, 5.9ph

Yesterday I hit the Chocolope and Cali Dream again to try and correct the acidic situation and got 625ppm @5.8 on the Chocolope and 593 ppm @5.7ph on the Cali Dream.

Fed today 113 ppm @5.8ph. Runoff as follows:
Chocolope 678 ppm, 5.5ph :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Cali Dream 462 ppm, 5.8ph
Blue Dream 600 ppm, 5.8ph
Purple Haze 710 ppm, 5.8ph

So, that Chocolope keeps floating down on the ph. The only thing I’ve added to the coco is diatomaceous earth for knats( shit is like glue when wet, never again) and some knat nix. Honestly the plants look great; I’m just thinking the flowers aren’t packing on as much size as the last grow. Week 6 of flower, so I’m due to start flushing pretty soon.

Is it normal for certain strains to have ph go low or high? Also, I was feeding every 3rd day at 500-520 ppm. Now, since Friday, I’m every other day at 113-162ppm. My temps and R/H are 61°-72°F, 41%-52% R/H. Water temp going in is 65°F. Where should my runoff be?

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5.5 is ok. It’s in the lower end of the range, but ok. I would just keep hitting it with 5.8 and it will straighten itself out.

Sorry I missed your two questions.

I have not seen or read anything that certain strains drive a pH swing. I think there may be merit that certain strains prefer different pHs. I think the driving factors are what made up the soil to begin with, how much you water, what’s in the water and to some extent how much healthy roots are taking in those nutrients and leaving behind what’s left like salts.

My runoff is around 1000ppm. I am in mid flowering. I add 400 ppm of nutes every other day. Late flowering can get up to 2000 and more, but anything over 2500 is going to endanger the plant.

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Well I guess ur ppm is good

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