What the hecky darn is this?! Leaves curling sideways


Not sure where to put this since I have no idea what is going on with my plant. Anyone want to hazard a guess? Leaf is curling sideways.
Strain is Chocolope
Soil is FFOF planted in 5 gal cloth pots
Age of plant since germination is 6 weeks
Water is ph’d to 6.5, run off is 6.6
Lite nutes have been used (ff Big Bloom and Grow Big at 1/4 strength)
MH 400watts at 50% intensity due to heat additional 10 CFLs added to supplement.
Temps 78-81 day, 70-72 night
Humidity 55% day, 65% night.

This is only happening to new growth and affecting just a couple of leaves.


Maybe something to do with strain once my trainwreck hit flower she started doing the same thing


Thanks @Majiktoker. Did your TW keep doing it as it grew or eventually it stopped? I was thinking maybe we damaged these leaves. They are the first few after we fimmed this plant a week ago…Really odd leaf structure lol.


Kush curl?


Kinda looks like where the leaves were damaged with the FIM. One of mine did that after fimming, but then it straightened out some after about a week, A couple of my leaves had almost half missing from the pinching.


@Whodat66 From what I am reading kush curl addresses the canoeing and clawing type of curling. This is sideways lol. Strange.

@FreakyDeekie thank you my reliable friend :slight_smile: I should have know to ask you, seems like the things you have experienced in your grow are the things I am running into lol. I looked in on her today and although it is still that sideways pinching type of look, it does not appear to be as pronounced as it was last night :slight_smile: This is my finicky girl, so of course I should expect her to do something odd…I think I am just going to put this one off to the FIMtheFIMMING I talked about in my journal a while back.


No she has continued to do it and still is


Then it is obvious that your plant has ADHD and needs Ritalin…


I assume it will not affect the flowering process. We are about a week away from putting these girls in flower. Thanks for your help @Majiktoker


Not a problem my friend ill upload a picture here in a few


lol! I will take that under advisement @Whodat66…funny thing is her genetics address ADHD I think…


@FreakyDeekie that was my first thought as well. When I fim most of the time there are s few leafs that look like that.


HA! Also a hint that that shit will make you sideways!


Where is the damn “Love this” button?! :+1:




Help me out with some others :wink:


If I knew how to make these I would have thrown “ILGM” in there :rofl:


I think it’s just because they are baby leaves. I bet they’ll look like normal in a couple days. :innocent::heart: