What the heck is this white powder? First Grow Day 45 Flower


Hello growers, I have a quick easy question (famous last words): What the heck is this!?

I was examining my plants and on what appears to be one single bud site I found white powder sitting on the leaves. Did my plant turn hermaphrodite? If so can I just cut that one branch and hope for the best?

Sorry about the pic but I just can not get a decent close shot on any camera. It’s in such an awkward place that the main focus hits everything BUT the part I’m trying to show.


not real clear but it looks like busted pollen sacs…could you put up some close ups please @EclecticJack
@bob31 what is your take sir?


@BIGE should I pull the whole plant or can I just cut the branch? I thought hermies were rare.


@BIGE @EclecticJack

I enlarged the pic, but there is too much glare on the pic to be sure what that is? Please take another pic and tag us both!


He means take a close-up picture of that part of the plant. Don’t do anything to the plant yet


These are the best I can get. They are halfway up a single branch closest to the wall, hopefully they are clear enough.
@bob31 @BIGE


that looks like pollen.

Do you have other plants in your grow area? My guess is that they have been pollinated. It is most likely too late to separate them. though I would very carefully put a bag over that one and get it out of your tent.

Unless your ok with a bounty of seeds. or you don’t have any other plants.





It’s in a tent with three others. I can’t believe that happened. 85 days and now the project is in jeopardy…I’m definitely not in great spirits right now. It’s one spot on one plant…how does that just happen this late. It has no where to go and these girls are in such a way that it would have to come out in pieces.

I just checked around the plant, there are no other signs of pollen, but I see one other other location that looks like a similar odd shaped thing.

Help me think outside the box here, best case scenario: I perform surgery and hope for the best? remove the branch in question, trim there other possible site before it pops. I’m not even exactly sure how many days I have left. Go into flush mode on that plant and hope for the best? I’ll have to take updated pics tomorrow time is running short on this night

I got about a half hour before lights out @bob31 @Hogmaster @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE


Well brother its me and you. Cover the sacs with zip lock bags or whatever you can muster up and cut or pinch them off. Try not to disturb /spread the pollen any further. Those leaves that have pollen on them, remove them too.

Do you follow what I’m saying? @EclecticJack

slide a bag over with one hand, pinch or cut with the other. contain the pollen


Just as @bob31 says. Isolate as if it’s hazardous materials. Another thing to factor in is how much air you have moving through the tent. If you don’t have any or a lot. You might just get lucky. I’m hoping for you @EclecticJack


Well said! @Covertgrower


I agree pollen you can see the male nanners in picture


Bad luck, brother! Hopefully you caught it in time!


Well I guess I’m probably going to have to rip the whole plant out tomorrow. There are no visual cues from the top side of the plant that it has turned into a hermaphrodite. The plant looks completely normal from the top… under is the reveal. With hind sight I now think the top 3/4 of the plant look totally normal and the bottom 1/4 of the buds are now showing pollen sacs that look like they want to burst any minute.

I was able to remove that one bud site but due to it’s position a bag wasn’t possible so I used a wet paper towel and covered it while pinching away.
I found another pile of pollen on a different branch…was not there moments before. This time I just clipped the whole branch because I just couldn’t see where it was coming from and my “WTF is going on here” level jumped to 10. I cut it, bring it out of the tent, turn it over and there are more pollen sacs than previously thought. I’ll probably have to slaughter it tomorrow.
I thought that if the plant turn in the hermaphrodite it would produce visual cues such as “banana” looking features. To anyone nonexperienced like myself, who is reading this post you should know that is not true. Your plant can look completely normal and be a hermaphrodite. You might not find out until it’s too late.

I’m venting on myself because 85 days have been likely lost and now I have to check all of my other plants thoroughly to see if they are showing signs. I’m still venting on myself when I say I look at my plants every day, if I had known for one instant that the pollen sacs would be hiding under the lowest buds I would’ve looked everyday.

I don’t have a camera that produces decent close up shots so I hope these photos are of some use. I mean NOW I can see the pollen sacs, but I’d have to flip the plant to see these.
@bob31 @Donaldj @Covertgrower


It’s happened to us all atleast once I have 2 strains which like to hermi if not harvested at peak but my flower spaces are isolated from eachother and I usually do 1 strain in each. Honestly can happen to anyone light leaks temp extremes root rot lots of things can trigger it but I have always found reg seed females far less prone than fem or auto’s


@EclecticJack it’s a tough call. You did the right thing. I just hope that none, got pollinated. I’m just past my first grow, and I too examined my plants very carefully at least once a week. This really could happen to any new grower, and probably some experienced growers if they don’t check. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the rest of your girls. Thanks for the pics.


I understand that you feel bad, but from my point of view you did fantastic to catch it when you did. You might put it out and let it seed so you have something out of your work. If you can.


It happened to me and I removed the plant even though only a few branches were affected. It was the OG Kush strain from this site I can’t remember when I first noted the issue but I think it was right after the plant entered the bud stage. All along it was showing only female characteristics and then all of a sudden the balls appeared (most of the sacs were immature but there were about 6 fully developed seeds). I was shocked and had to make a decision, so I removed it and dried it in a different building. That plant was still potent and I made butter. Who knows why the feminized seed produced balls! I guess because the plant wants to produce and survive. It is uncommon but is possible. Some people say…pull the plant and toss it. Not me so I would say use it. But remember males also have a shorter life than the females. Therefore, their potency is higher during the early stages. Good luck and think about how nice it will be to have free seeds! If I am not mistaken, the seeds will all be feminized seeds since the plant was female to begin with. I will test that theory with my next grow and will let you know the ratio of males to females.


Feminized plants are somewhat unstable by nature. This is the price we pay for fems.


Just to let you know that seeds from a plant that hermied are most likely to do the same…you will be taking a chance of spending all that time to just have it happen again…best to get some good genetics and try again…don’t shoot yourself in the foot… @EclecticJack