What the heck is this odd looking thing?


Looks like a larvae of some kind. Any damage on any of the leaves? Indoors or outdoors?


Wow that is strange and very tiny. I’m interested in what it is. Let’s ask @Lacewing can you help identify this?

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Indoor grown. These are very small and not many of them I gave the plants a dose of Dr. zymes and we’ll see what happens. They didn’t move when exposed to water or insecticide but did seem to have a few smallerStructures inside. Thank you for your response

Thanks I will keep you informed after we see what the insecticide does. It does have some larva like structures internally

I actually had something very similar but probably just out of larvae stage… I never found anything else but it reminded me of super tiny slug… just get rid of it and keep an :eyes: out for more

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Thanks for the tag …I try to get on as much as I can but had to go back to work …
@Photooz are they still around ?
The one trailing behind that is more translucent I wish that one was more in focus …the color of the other in focus is a dead ringer for minute pirate bug …in one of its stages …
These bugs look really really similar to those to me

This last one was of my actual plant
Really hard to get a picture of

Very good bug to have …however if there is no food source they may also use your plant as one but doubtful it would do any damage as it won’t be multiplying as aggressively without a insect food source

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The color is right but they are not as developed with legs antenna and such. I do appreciate your response. I sprayed and haven’t seen anything new.

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I had some strange type of insect on my plant that I still have no idea what it was lol…
I’m looking forward to trying to grow indoors and hopefully not deal with any …

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