What the heck are these?

I looked through the Plant Care Guide but didn’t find anything resembling this? What are they?

hatched eggs

Hatched eggs of what? I used a damp tissue and wiped it off.

Mr Rogers phrase for the day is ipm (integrated pest management). I envy outside grows, but not the bugs

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Ok, work with me here, this is my first time growing, how do I manage it when I don’t know what it is?

Might have some caterpillars running around if not now soon x.x

@Lomalley what luke is saying, is what is your preventive maintenance plan?

If I grew outdoors I’d being doing weekly sprays of neem oil in veggie stage.

And captain Jack’s dead bug brew as things come up in flower.

Back to your bugs, look at the underside of the leaves, see anything else?


I have neem oil and diatomaceous earth but haven’t used either yet… nothing on the underside. I did have a (now dead) grasshopper a few days ago and have a few leaves that have been chewed on…:


Time to start.

Neem oil, spray before sun down, the whole plant, underside of leaves, give her a good amount. Repeat weekly till you start flowering. Shake the bottle really well.

Add the DE to top of the soil.

Good luck!


Done :white_check_mark: :crossed_fingers:t2: Thanks!