What the heck are THESE, spotted in Everclear tincture?

OK, I have been through a lot of forums- have never seen anything like this!

The following pictures are of really tiny “bud-like things” that floated to the surface of my Everclear 190 about 2 hours after dropping in my de-carbed sweet-trim and popcorn buds. This was from ILGM White Widow Auto seeds. These things are under 1/16 inch across. Sorry about picture quality. I used some unusual grow techniques and this bud is especially potent.

This was from 25 gms of material and is in 12oz of Everclear.

I’m not sure here but those look like pollen sacs from a plant that was trying to go hermie to me


I was using really intense LED light and bleached the tips of my terminal buds. Someone said I might go hermie with so much stress. Then there is the second microscope photo, that shows what looks like a capsule with a seam running around it- I am baffled…an immature seed?

Hermi sacks undeveloped seeds basically


@donaldj-wow, then that’s harvesting a little too close to too late! Might have been you that said I was close, in another thread. Clearly you know your stuff.

In all the photos I’ve seen of weed, never saw this one. Thanks!

Had same thing in my last harvest but had caught some hints things were going to go sideways mainly second flowering surge foxtails gone wild. In some strains they hermi easy with age actually my dad warned me the strain my uncle gave me is prone to it and needs to be harvested at about 15% amber :wink:
I also seen those exact kind of pods during my harvest some of which had pollen.


@Donaldj Is right… Early seeds… Not super Bad …
More then likely a late hermi…or
Long flower schedule. …
Only you would know… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Some strains don’t let you get to 50% amber and if I recall the thread @Zap you had a few stress issues much like my grow did

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@peachfuzz -Several terminal buds bleached and as i recall one small one ended up in this small jar of popcorn. Wonder if this is unique to these buds?

@donaldj- i think i read WW-auto can be this way. I have a low ceiling in the grow area so have to stick to autos and tie them down sort of like scrog to get lots of tops and keep the plant short.

Say, i posted in harvest (i think). I dont see a subject for “Extraction”-can one of you start the subject heading. I am doing some experiments That may be worthy.

I agree with @Oldstoner your plant was about to hermi


Aren’t they just the calyxes?


Dried calyxes. No immature seeds, pollen or male parts whatsoever. Just trichome coated calyxes
Every bud of my 2105 harvest had these. No cause for alarm IMO

I really only notice them when I bust up a bud by hand instead of using the mill grind it beyond oblivion.


Thanks, Wild. I think you’ve solved the mystery!

@Zap @Willd I agree with @Willd 100% I’ve had this issue before it’s not going to affect the quality of your medicine at all I’ve had it happen to me two different times two different plants


Thanks Hogmaster. I had so much energy on the tops of this plant that the buds bleached some. Part of an experiment I took a little too far. Up to 1200ppm for a week or so. Plant drank a lot and produced some serious aroma, so backed down to 900ppm. I think much more than that is just too much.

These are called “calyx”. A female organ of the plant that may or may not develop seed within, based on if she has been pollinated. Calyx are a normal development on all female cannabis plants. It’s what we smoke, along with pistils and possibly some leaf.