What the he** is this?

Im getting this on several plant’s fan leaves. Have hit it once with Capt. Jacks Deadbug. What is it and how often should i spray. I see no webs or visible pests.


How about pics of the full plant? I’m not sure I would worry about a few blemishes among the lower leaves. Look at the undersides of the leaves for evidence of bugs. Other than that I wouldn’t worry about it.


Under side of leaves are clear. No sign of any pests. This plant is Bruce Banner. Had a late planting due to late frost and cold a** Temps.

Im not worried about nutes or ph of water. I have strict feeding schedule of Bergmans that i used last year with fantastic results. Im stumped on what this is.


I bet you can skip the dead bug. To me that looks like a minor calcium deficiency. Since you’re outdoor, honestly, I would let it ride. Then amend my grow area this fall with bone meal, wood ash, or lots of eggshell, or crushed oyster shell.

You could add some calcium now too, but honestly you are not going to see a big change this far along into flower. Go light on any calcium additive. Most of them generally spike PH too and a big PH up spike now would fu** your plant up way more than a light calcium deficiency.

Do you know your baseline water source ph? The only way this would be true is if you were using RO or distilled water. True, outdoor PH is less sensitive to PH range due to soil microbes, but only up to a range.

It’s like if you drive around with a broken speedometer, around town you may get away with out a ticket because you are in a reasonable range. But jump on the highway, pop in some tunes, and get out into some straightaways you may be more out of range without that speedometer. Enough so you might get pulled over…
Also, sticking with the car analogy, the real reason PH matters is the fuel doesn’t work out of PH range. You may as well pour sugar into the gas tank. It will gel up and turn your fuel to sticky shellac. The nutes in high PH literally turn into a rock. Rather than dissolved easily absorbed plant fuel to make your plants go. Those plants in high PH are going to be in the same lane as that car with sugar in the gas. Pulled over waiting for a tow.


I have a rain catchment system. I water with rain water only!


Thanks for clarifying. I would maybe use milk to add some calcium to your water routine. Like a half cup per gallon. You will not burn your flowers this way and boost the calcium. And lactobacillus.