What THC-Shirt would you wear?


I can relate @Myfriendis410, people always say I have the body of a god, too bad they are referring to Buddha! :joy:

Love the shirt idea, I’d be in for one or two. :+1:


Shirts are a tremendous idea…
Yes to the strain shirts also… :sunglasses::upside_down_face:


Yes strain shirts would be a lot of fun… But I love the starting point. I’ll jump on this wagon and purchase a few for friends as well. @ILGM.Support.Roy whoever’s idea this was, they need a raise. Haha.
@Myfriendis410 and @rodri59 I’m just dying of laughter over here.


A few of us were kicking the idea around a few months ago. I’m glad the idea was liked!


Awesome :sunglasses: I’ll be buying some apparel to spread the love :heart:


hopefully they have a choice of having a pocket


Dang, I already own the black one but it doesn’t have an ilgm logo on it :sob:


Come on green and white come on black and white! Haha seriously all them look great. Very well done. Let us know where we can start to find them in the future👍


Hey all,

I put up the new shirts on our Spreadshirt shop! You can find all designs over here: https://shop.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/pages/merchandise

Note that this is a frame within our own shop but you’re ordering from a different company.

By the way, it turns out I can’t preselect colors :roll_eyes: So if you like you can simply go ahead and mix and match your owns style.

Thanks again to all for getting your thoughts in! @BIGE and @Myfriendis410 will receive a brand spanking new ILGM shirt in their mail soon!

In the meanwhile we’ll be working on other designs (probably the popular strains :wink: )

All the best!


Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

I tried to order t-shirts, I kept getting an error message: "Item has been removed from Inventory and no longer available"
The only item that was available was the dog bandanna… Of course I had to get one for my puppy…
Is there an alternate server or address to order from?

Thank You and keep up the Outstanding Service… :+1::sunglasses:


I closed browser, cleared my cache and Bingo… Got it working and ordered 3 shirts…
Do you by any chance have coffee cups and/or hats??

Thanks Again


Are coffee mugs or hats available?
I didn’t see any in your store…



Thanks @Dragon269!

We have mugs when you look at the ILGM collection (not the THC or full name ones).

No hats unfortunately as I couldn’t get the designs to work with the hats Spreadshirt offers. Maybe someday later :slight_smile:


Thanks… I found the coffee mugs… I liked them so much I bought 1 of each… 1 blk and 1 white…

Thanks Again… :deciduous_tree::dash::upside_down_face::sunglasses:


Awesome mate! I love the thought of contributting to your morning-cafeine happiness!

Share a pic once you have m if you like. :smiley:

Wishing all the best?

Roy K


Look at what showed up at my door today!



Thanks Roy… … I also ordered several t-shirts… …
I will post pics as soon as they arrive… . :sunglasses:

Also wanted to Thank You and the rest of the ILGM staff, you guys really bust your butts for us. Just wanted to let you know that your efforts are most definitely appreciated… . :sunglasses::sunglasses:




Thanks for your help guys and enjoy the shirts!


These came today Pony Express…
Waiting on coffee cups… pics as soon as caffeine is poured… :dash::dash::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face:


woot woot @Dragon269 way to represent!
those look high Q too…i like that!! throw up a pic in the garden…lol