What THC-Shirt would you wear?


Hi guys,

thanks to your input we’ve got loads of inspiration for some nice ilgm prints. First off I made this THC + logo t-shirt design which we want to put up in our shirt store. Now I’m wondering what color combos work best and I would love to hear your opinions!

I’ll be off for a while. In the meanwhile put down your votes and let me know which you would wear!

  • black@blue
  • white@blue
  • black@green
  • white@green
  • black@lightgrey
  • white@lightgrey
  • white@darkgrey
  • black@white

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if at all possible @ILGM.Support.Roy if this works out,could you include tall sizes along with 3 and 4 extra large. i would be happy to prepay on custom shirts. thanks, @BIGE


I second the tall sizes. Nobody wants to see my 60 year old belly button lol.


Hi @BIGE and @Myfriendis410 , for the moment we’re working with Spreadshirt and what they offer. You can find all the info here: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/ilgm/

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

thank you @ILGM.Support.Roy


I would love to see some “strain” T-shirts. They would be kind of stealth too.


Just completely lost all concentration at what I was doing due to visualizing @Myfriendis410 's belly button…


thats enough of that! @rodri59


I think you let your imagination go to far :joy:!


I love the idee for start! I hope I will be to get two, black and white :heart_eyes:.

I also will love to see that :+1:


It’s time for a Dependos change :rofl:


Not worth looking at, trust me.


I think you should let us be the judge of that…pictures?:thinking::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::eye:


Once upon a time I looked like a damned Greek God. Now I look like a God damned Greek! Hahahahaha!


bawahaha!! ditto @Myfriendis410


LOL oh pffffttt I am sure you boys are Adonis’ :man_dancing:t3:


More like Cerberus. Wrong mythos for me: an Asatruar would use the Norse pantheon so…Fenrir?