What temp and water temp for seedlings

how many hours of light for seedlings. and humid level. and can you soak more than 48 hours and then put in towl. im using soil. frabric pots or reg plastic potsโ€‹:laughing::innocent::smiling_imp::wink::hushed::neutral_face::expressionless::confused::angry::grimacing::rage::cry::sleeping::open_mouth::persevere::triumph::disappointed_relieved::frowning::anguished::fearful::weary::cold_sweat::worried::scream:

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Not sure what the parade of smileys means exactly but here are some answers.

You can soak until the seed splits, then just transfer to soil. Moist paper towel is another method, same deal, wait til seed splits and you see a baby root pokin out.

Seedlings need 16 light hours, at a minimum more than 12 on 12 off.
50% rh is fine. Even more if you want, but risk mold and tamping off.

Pot style is whatever you want, though fabric pots have good benefits like air pruning the roots instead of causing large rootballings.

Make sure to only add nutrients later on after the first 2 baby leaves drop off.
Enjoy your grow!! Cheers

how long should seedlings be in veg

As long as you want. If you control their light cycle, you decide. At least a couple months is greatโ€ฆothers nearly skip veg and go straight to flower for a big main cola.

how long to veg depends on your strain, grow room size and goal harvest date.

strain: sativa vs indica
sativas will stretch more in preflower and are generally taller with longer internode spaces
indica tend to be smaller and bushier

if you train her right during veg you should be able to control the height of a sativa to some extent

basically if you have a sativa you wait until she is 1/3-1/2 your total goal height then switch her to 12/12 hour lights. check her gender. if its a girl then keep her going.

can you soak a seed in peroxide instead of water

ive read about it, but not tried it.