What Strains are best for helping Sleep and Deep Relaxation?


I really like to smoke before Bed time or when I can Deeply Relax and become a Couch Potato. Can you suggest what strains might be good for these type Non-Activities? Just wondering what others thoughts may be. Thanks for your suggestions.


For me, anything indica or indica dominant hybrids.YMMV.


White rhino, when I smoked it it would knock your in the dirt. It was were strong and I didn’t want.to do anything but sit or lay on the bed or couch.
Purple trainwreck is a good relaxation for me


Our gold leaf here at ilgm


Well that’s good to know buddy cuz I’ve got WW and GL and they will balance each other nicely :heart_eyes::seedling::v:


Said to be great insomnia strain


Criminal+ is a great strain, that and 24k Gold



I grew ILGM White Widow Auto and love it for relaxation. Working on tinctures to use an hour before bedtime, so no rush, just sedation. So far tinctures have too much chlorophyll, but infused coconut oil rocked. Mixed some of that with honey and that’s really good- though effect could be stronger… More experiments to follow!


I grew some Chronic Widow, I’m a lightweight to begin with but have huge issues sleeping. Took 1 hit of it and was out like a light. Woke up 9 hours later still buzzed.


Very interested in any replies from those with extreme insomnia. Have tried dozens of dispensary strains and have found strains high in myrcene help me the most. Downside is that once the strain wears off (anywhere from an hour to a hour and a half I wake up and have to medicate again. If I don’t medicate I don’t sleep at all.


Generally strains with elevated CBD levels tend to provide the most in a couch lock or “sleepy” feeling and provide the best pain relief. Usually setting in about an hr after light up. Most med grade is high in cbd.